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What you should mention on your CV or resume (and what you should leave out)


This guide outlines the things to mention on your CV and the things you should definitely leave out of it!

A strong, stand-out CV is the only way that you are going to get noticed by employers and land job interviews for career positions that you are aiming for. But, when putting together your CV, it can be difficult to know what to include to help you stand out from the crowd. What information should you be including if you want to really wow recruiters and make them notice you as a potential candidate? On the other hand, what kind of information should you leave out? We’ve put together some top tips.

#1. Relevant experience:

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to include every job that they’ve ever worked at on their CV, but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, all recruiters will really care about is experience that’s relevant to the position that you are applying for, so if you’re going for a graduate position, there’s probably no need to mention the waiting tables that you did in high school, unless you think it taught you relevant skills that are worth a mention. And when deciding what to include, bear in mind that you should restrict yourself to an ideal resume length.

#2. Qualifications:

Knowing that you’re suitably qualified for the position is always a must for recruiters who have to decide whether or not it’s worth bringing you in for an interview. But, don’t just list your qualifications and leave it at that. It’s a wise idea to write a little bit of information on what gaining these qualifications taught you. Mention the projects that you’ve worked on and any extra-curricular activities that you took part in which have helped build your character and skills.

#3. Initiatives and campaigns:

If you’ve been involved in any campaigns and initiatives, this is certainly worth mentioning on your CV, as it helps to give employers a wider picture of who you are, aside from your qualifications and experience. And, you’ll get bonus points if you’ve been getting involved in something really meaningful, such as a zero waste initiative. Check out the zero waste university initiative from, who are providing innovative water machines for corporate and academic settings with a focus on reducing waste and helping the environment. If you’ve been involved in a campaign similar to this, it’s worth mentioning as many companies today are taking steps to become greener and will notice employees who share these values.

#4. What to avoid:

Don’t forget that there are several things you should avoid including on your CV. For example, it’s a wise idea to leave out any personal information beyond your basic contact details. Don’t include your date of birth, race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation – none of these should matter when it comes to whether or not you are a suitable candidate. Many people include their hobbies on their resume, but these aren’t actually that important. It’s a good idea to leave hobbies out unless you can demonstrate how one of them has helped you improve your skills as an employee, such as team sports, which have helped you develop skills you can put to use in the office.

Do you have any CV writing tips to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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