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Signage company strategies to profit from the signage boom


Whether your signage company is a brick-and-mortar store or a digital outlet, it has the potential to be a part of what is a boom in the sign business projected to take place in the coming years. Here are 5 ways that you can take your signage company to the next level during that time. 

5 strategies to boost a signage company 

Do Research to Expand What Products You Can Offer

One of the best methods of keeping up to date with products and business management in any type of signage company involves keeping a close eye on competitors, and this ranges from the ways that they advertise their business that you haven’t tapped into yet, and the products they offer that aren’t available from your store.

Making a concerted effort to keep up with the signage company competition is a basic survival tactic in business, but your learning methods will vary from other types of business. Attend trade shows, buy trade magazines, and research what you need to invest in the most current and trending product options. 

Showcase Your Work

Having a structured business marketing plan is essential to keeping your signage company afloat, financially and reputationally. Make an effort to participate in trade shows as mentioned above, and place ads in trade magazines for your offerings. 

Prioritize Customer Service

Addressing your customers’ needs with compassion and timeliness are critical elements to building a good reputation through word of mouth and positive reviews. Set up clear and simple ways for customers to get in touch with your signage company to ask questions, which should include a phone number to your customer service line, a support email address, and a contact form on your website. A happy customer pays it forward and will not only return for further business, but will encourage those around them to check out your shop as well. 

Invest in Better Digital Business Management Tools

One of the benefits of the digital age is that sign software and apps offer you streamlined and organized tools for organizing your signage company and keeping on top of production, sales, hiring, and every other aspect of running your shop smoothly.

Investing in new tools of business management makes life easier for you and frees up time not only at work to research and invest in new products and sales methods, but also frees up time for you to be at home without fumbling over numerous disorganized aspects of the shop that you couldn’t get to under normal working hours. You want to work smart rather than work long, though working both smart and long will get you even greater results. 

Value Your Employees

This should be common sense, but sadly not every signage company will invest in their employees as comprehensively as they used to. Aside from paying them fairly, you will benefit from paying for their attendance to shows to research competition as well. They should also be fully compensated for research training. 

Why your signage company could see a boom in business

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed all aspects of our lives forever. Simple activities like going to a restaurant or taking regular classes at universities have become much more complicated. Government and business had to act and adapt to a new reality. The printed signage market has played a crucial role in the whole process. Hospitals, markets and other important facilities that remained open had to set new standards. Social distancing floor graphics and notes on requesting face masks are obvious examples.

But how is COVID-19 affecting signage trends now that most restrictions are lifted and public facilities reopen? Design solutions for fitness studios, restaurants, educational centers and other spaces now include signage that meets new standards and customer needs could mean a business boom for your signage company. Here are the trends – or rather imperatives – that have emerged from the pandemic. Some are directly related to security and others are designed to bring customers back after lengthy closures.

1. Sign to reopen

“Store Closed” signs were seen regularly during the lockdown. When the restrictions were eased, the organizations needed signs to announce that they had finally opened their doors. The reopening brought a lot of excitement, which was also reflected in the signage. In many places, simple “We are open” signs hang on their doors. Others use more creative and sometimes fun solutions. The main media used for sign reopening was graphic window decals, metal or plastic signs, large fabric banners, and so on.
The reopening led to a number of signage company trends. We’ll talk about this in more detail later in this article.

2. Signs for social distancing

Social distancing stickers like 6 foot distance markers are everywhere these days. In some countries they are even required by law. They range from simple lines that mark how far apart people should be, to creative solutions with funny phrases. They offer a unique way to reflect the character and taste of your brand. The main medium for this is the vinyl floor sticker.

While this trend was a must-have to create a healthy atmosphere, it has added an added value to floor graphics. People look at their phones a lot, so take the opportunity too. Don’t miss the chance to show graphics with your signage company products or services right in front of your nose.

3. Safety instructions

In addition to social distancing, there are other rules and regulations related to the coronavirus that people must follow even after being locked. In order to create a safer experience for all, displays with important information have been integrated in reopened public facilities.

Large banners, adhesive graphics, aluminum displays and acrylic signs are used for safety instructions. The choice of material depends on the location, taste and length of the message. These signs had a simpler appearance during the height of the pandemic for reasons of urgency. Companies are now finding more creative solutions. In fact, it has been shown that a more relaxed tone of voice for security signs makes companies appear more welcoming.

4. Room dividers

When the pandemic broke out, we all thought that staying home was the best way to go. As the months passed, it became clear that we couldn’t stay home forever. Corporations have had to go back to business and people have had to re-engage in social activities. The world had to go back to normal – or as normal as possible. This is where room dividers came into play.

Also known as sneeze guards, these partitions became a new trend after the lockdown. They were used to create a safer atmosphere in enclosed environments where close proximity was required for business to be conducted. In many places there were also attractive room dividersused like light boxes or printed circuit boards. Although it appears that people have become careless about safety measures, especially after vaccinations, this trend is set to continue. Companies are making clever use of the additional space they offer for branding and advertising. Plus, no one is against a little more privacy.

5. Control systems

To encourage people to practice social distancing, new wayfinding systems have been developed and incorporated into different environments. These thorough navigation schemes quickly started trending due to popular demand. Customers have got used to quick and easy directional guidance that can no longer be taken away from them.
Developing a navigation system and getting new signage can seem a chore. However, these tools offer many possibilities if used wisely. An improved customer experience is the key to success for public institutions and companies. Turns at wayfindingis all about the customer experience. Customer-centric goals help trend-setting planners create better systems with more creative designs.

6. Conspicuous advertising signs

Smart businesspeople have used the lockdown to ponder new marketing strategies for the post-COVID reality. With the restrictions relaxed, it was time to bring these ideas to life. Signage trends have become an integral part of the process.

From updated logo signs to new billboards on busy streets, the pandemic resulted in a huge surge in the sign making and printing industries. The demand for almost all sign media, from illuminated letters to pylon signs, increased.

7. The interior decoration

Aside from new billboards, companies needed interior design overhauls to bring new experiences to people upon their return. The growing trend towards decorative signage shows that more and more establishments are using signage for decorative purposes.

Changing the signage is much easier than a complete home renovation. The post-pandemic trend of using décor to get customers’ attention will continue. The demand for wall murals, acrylic art, canvas prints, 3D signs, and decorative signs in general has increased.


General signage design trends may be a preference, but pandemic trends are a must. With this in mind, you can also make the most of it. There are many ways to stay on trend and meet these new demands regardless of your industry. We recommend putting the customer experience at the forefront of your redesign plans to ensure a successful transition.

Aside from the obvious impact on our jobs, social lives, and health, COVID-19 has increased people’s levels of stress . Accordingly, facilities need to adapt their signage to promote a more relaxed experience for employees, visitors and customers alike.

No matter how long your signage company has been operating, there is always room for improvement and making use of even one of these tips is sure to offer benefits in sales, morale, and the overall satisfaction of running your sign shop. 

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