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7 Signs your business needs a software upgrade


As your business grows and develops, there will often be a number of signs which suggest that your current setup simply isn’t meeting your evolving needs. Some of these signs will be fairly obvious — not having enough chairs for bottoms, for example — but other signs can be a little bit more subtle.

One area that is well worth examining is your IT department, your networks, and the software systems that you use, as these can all be a big indicator that you’re being held back. Here are 7 signs that your business has outgrown its existing software, and that it’s time to think about upgrading your systems:

1. You’ve hit your user limit

If you’ve recently made some new hires, then this means there’s going to be a rapid requirement for more user licences. This could be as simple as upgrading your existing package to add more users, or you may want to use this as an opportunity to look into new software that’s specially designed for larger businesses. These programs will often include additional features to benefit growing companies.

2. Your staff are frazzled

If your staff are having to undertake multiple, time-consuming steps to achieve a single result — inputting payment and customer data manually, for example — then it’s time to look into automated systems. Software programs which automate your daily processes can play a huge role in freeing up your valuable internal resources, giving your staff time to delve into more productive and profitable tasks.

3. Data is becoming harder to manage

More customers mean more profit, but it also means more data. If you’ve noticed that data-related tasks are going unfinished, that there’s a lack of consistency in your data or increasing errors, that there’s inconsistencies or numerous instances of lost or misplaced data, then upgrading to automated software is essential. It’s also important to ensure that your data can be fully understood by all relevant teams.

4. You’re trailing behind

The rise of social media sharing and promotion means that we’re always aware of any advancements and improvements made by our competitors. If your competitors are switching to more powerful and comprehensive systems, then you need to do what you can to keep up. By sticking with older systems, you run the risk of losing customers who may find they have a better overall experience elsewhere.

5. You have piles of paperwork

Paperwork was once a big part of daily office life, but today many business women are opting to move towards a more paperless office. Not only can this help to save money and maintain a well-organized workplace, but it’s also better for the environment. If you have piles of paperwork lying around your workspace, then it’s a definite sign that your digital systems aren’t as comprehensive as you need.

6. You’re flexible

Flexible and remote working policies are becoming increasingly popular, especially for employees with family commitments. No longer are we working a standard ‘9-5’, and no longer are we confined to a cubicle. If your business has flexible or remote working policies in place, you need software that’s going to enable your employees to communicate and collaborate effectively from wherever, whenever.

7. You’re using multiple programs

There’s a term for this: ‘Frankensteining’. This happens when you create your own customised solution by sticking together two or more different programs, such as using a CRM but creating reports using Excel. The problem with this is that it can cause inconsistencies in your data, especially in terms of syncing. Frankensteining shows that your software isn’t doing what you need it to; it’s time to upgrade.

Upgrading Your Software

These 7 signs show that upgrading business software can be an excellent economic decision, but there’s actually more advantages to switching to newer, more comprehensive systems. Consider that modern systems can address some of the latest security concerns for small to medium sized enterprises, that they can improve productivity while simultaneously lowering costs, and can even play a big role in improving overall morale. Don’t settle for outdated systems — upgrade and get the most from your IT.

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