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Why simple website designs always win


Today it’s never been easier to construct a “stunning” website. There are millions of free or nearly free pictures in online databases. And there are hordes of people ready and willing to create content for your company videos or blogs.

But when it comes to a killer website, is “stunning” what we should be aiming for? Or would “simple” be a better choice?

Just think about that for a moment. Stunning or simple? Turns out that many of the world’s most successful websites make a point of being simple. In fact, Google is perhaps best known for the fact that it’s main homepage is little more than a search bar and the company name. And look at the success that it has had relative to Yahoo, a company that decided to go down a different route.

So what does simple design look like in practice? And how can it help your business? The first thing to note is that simplicity helps customers find the information they are looking for. There’s nothing worse that reaching a website and being bombarded with advertising messages and sidebars. These are distracting and take away from the primary purpose of the website: to direct customers to what they need.

The best sites make it clear within seconds what it is that they offer. They then proceed to provide clients with well-structured information. Take a look at this site by Conklin Web properties. It’s a site that informs readers about collecting stamps. For people who don’t know much about the subject, it does a good job of breaking it down into chunks and making it digestible. The headings are clear, and the text itself is engaging and easy to read. If you want to set yourself up as an authority on a particular subject, your website will have to be able to do this too.

In some circumstances, it’s also important to include photos that enhance the appearance of your site. Too many photos and your corporate site can end up looking too much like a blog. Too few photos and people visiting your site will struggle to connect with your message. The key here is to make sure that pages don’t become overly crowded with images throughout the text. Often a few, well-placed images in the background will suffice. Just make sure that the text is readable when placed over the top of an image.

You can also increase the simplicity of your website by including a tracking or a progress bar. Let’s say that your customers have to go through a step-by-step process to order your products. Having a progress bar at the bottom of the screen helps them to keep track of where they are in the process. At the end of each step, you can include a call to action to encourage them to take the next. Things like “Download our brochure” or “click to customize” all work really well.

As a final note on the subject of simplicity, don’t be afraid to leave chunks of your website pages blank. Many people actually prefer large white spaces to separate elements of pages.

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