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Singapore business setup: Everything you need to know


This guide outlines what you need to know for Singapore business setup, and some ideas to start a new business in one of the most developed countries in Asia. Here we will list the most favorable and success-conducive businesses to consider.

Singapore Business: How to Get Started?

In this global age, it is more important than ever for any enterprise to expand horizons and enter global markets. And the best part is that you don’t always have to relocate to the new market to start or expand business there.

Consider Virtual Numbers

Virtual phone service providers, like, offer local, international, and toll free virtual numbers for many countries across the globe. Virtual numbers route calls over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. And because of this, they can help you convert any device (smartphone, laptop, computer) into a business phone.

This way, you can connect with business contacts, customers, and new prospects in different countries and cities, no matter where you are located, even if you are traveling for business. So, for your Singapore business, virtual Singapore numbers can truly come in handy. Whether you are expanding your business to Singapore or starting a new one there, having a toll free number gives callers a free way to connect with you, and that has the potential to increase call volumes.

Offer Multichannel Communication

Besides virtual numbers, you should also set up and optimize your website, open social media accounts, engage through email, offer click-to-call options, and more, to increase customer engagement. Provide different and convenient ways for potential customers to contact your business, either for customer support or to ask queries about products and services.

Singapore Business Ideas

Singapore is welcoming businesses related to various industries, from small businesses to virtual businesses to large enterprises. So what are some Singapore business ideas you should consider?

AI and Sensor Technology
Medical Technology
Travel and Tourism Agencies
Transportation Services
Financial Services
Food & Beverage (Fast Food, Exotic Cuisines, etc)
Manufacturing – Electronics and Retail
Creative Freelance Services (Writing, Graphic Design, etc)
Virtual Assistants
Call Center Services
IT and Data services
Ecotourism, and more

What to Keep in Mind

Understand that starting any company requires planning and research. Start by creating a comprehensive business plan that details budgeting, hiring, and expenses. And you should also consider market research. This will help you prepare for the best and worse case scenarios.

Next, pay attention to local, state, ad governmental regulations and laws to ensure you are in compliance and your Singapore business does not land in any trouble due to violations. Open a separate business bank account to protect yourself from any personal liability. Then, purchase the necessary equipment, software, etc., as needed. Hire and train remote or on-site employees so that they perform well and live up to your company’s standards.

Promoting and Advertising Singapore Business

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, start advertising your Singapore business in different locations: Singapore, neighboring states and countries, and your current location. This can be done through location targeting. Use your website and social media posts to inform the public of your products as well as demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Remember that one of the best ways to gain new customers is through word-of-mouth and recommendations of current customers. So, ensure that you have the tools in place to take care of your existing customers. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies can go a long way. Improve customer service to increase customer satisfaction. And before you know it, your Singapore business will be on the rise.

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