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If you’re a sister doing it by yourself, why isn’t it working?


If you have a business that’s failing, the chances are you’re feeling pretty bad right now. Starting a business is a big deal. Which means it hurts even more when things go wrong. Full sympathy; we understand what you’re going through, But, it’s time to get it together. Getting down in the dumps about your business’ bust points is not going to pick it out of the gutter. Instead, you need to bolster your confidence and face the problems head on. Remember that you are a strong, determined woman. You have made a business of your own, despite male-dominated workplaces and adversity. Don’t let them have the last say by crumbling at the first hurdle. Instead, find out what you need to do to move forward, and get on it.

Boost your knowledge

Remember that this isn’t about feeling sorry for yourself or placing blame. Businesses fail all the time. Your knowledge, or lack of, may not have had a huge deal to do with it. Even so, the more you know about how business works, the better position you’ll be in. Chances are you’ve learned a fair bit about the corporate world to get this far. Why not make it official with something like a UAB online business degree? Studying the subject will build upon your knowledge, and help you become a better boss. Plus, though none of us agree, it can help women in business to have credentials. Of course, your business should be able to speak for itself. But, people often see breasts before business. So, it can help to pull a degree out the bag when clients doubt you.


No business fails just like that. Usually, there are distinct problem areas where an idea falls on its face. It’s important you spend a little time considering where your weak points are. Once you recognize them, you can work towards steadying the wobbles. Of course, identifying problems isn’t as easy as you might think. There are many layers to business, so how can you separate them to see where your problem is? Your best bet is to turn to your accounts. Look at any trends in sales. If things drop off at a particular time, consider what may have caused it. It can also be worth gathering colleagues and troubleshooting with them. Different colleagues work on various layers of the project. They’re your best bet at getting an overall idea of what’s happening. They may also spot problems you’re too close to notice.

Your team brings your crea

Yes, you need a team. Either one to help run your business or one to mentor and advise you. It’s your teams who ensure you’re on the right path or aid the smooth running of your business. But if you hire people, low morale and unenthusiastic employees could lead to significant problems. Spend a little time talking to colleagues about how they find their job. Send an anonymous survey to ensure you get honest answers. If it comes back that a lot of them aren’t happy, that may be your problem. Boost bonuses if you can, and plan team bonding nights to fix the issue.

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