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ACN business: what you should know about direct selling


Can small business can mix it with big players: what you should know about ACN business and the direct selling model.

There’s no getting around the fact that it can be difficult to run a small business. You’re forever battling against customer apathy, against the money of the big companies, and a host of other issues. Indeed, the battle between small and large companies can feel like David v Goliath. But does it have to be such an unfair fight? Perhaps not. By making a few adjustments to how you think about business, you can make yourself function as if you were much larger.

In a world where the digital environment becomes increasingly relevant within society, finding an opportunity to develop a business project that allows you to find financial freedom and, in addition, that adapts perfectly to the lifestyle of each person, is a real benefit. In this context, the opportunities that digital marketing offers in this regard are increasing.

However, due to the high demand for options, it is also possible to find deceptions, people offering promises impossible to fulfill in the business environment. That is why, knowing about the whole environment is essential before taking another step.

Finding the opinions of companies that offer the opportunity for business development within the digital world, is critical to know their level of commitment, and the security they offer. There are some with years of experience and a reputation based on their track record, responsibility and great profit opportunity, as is the case with ACN business.

You can check the trajectory through the multiple ACN opinions you’ll find before making a judgment or deciding to invest in it. Based on your own experience, you will be able to provide valuable opinions about ACN business that will guide others about the service and quality of the company.

If you’re interested in starting out in the multilevel environment and finding a company that truly contributes to this transformational process in your life, you’ll want to know about the ACN business model, its opinions, and all that this new business opportunity has to offer.

What is the ACN business?

American Communications Network (ACN, Inc.) it is a multilevel company, based in the United States, specifically in Concord. But that has spread through various parts of the world, thanks to its accelerated growth and the development of innovative services in telecommunications, energy and insurance brokerage. Their method is the direct selling model.

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing management processes, ACN business has expanded to more than 27 countries. Becoming today, one of the most valued companies worldwide, whose business model eliminates the barriers between the entrepreneur and the customer.

Greg Provenzano, Mike Cupisz, Tony Cupisz, and Robert Stevanovski, founders of the company, unified their criteria to create, with great ambition, a company that would allow them to offer to society, what they had not been able to obtain. An efficient sales model, which avoids the usual marketing techniques, giving the opportunity to access the service or product more quickly.

The ACN business model operates under the concept of a multilevel marketing company (MLM). That is, a network of customers who join the company’s services through independent entrepreneurs. The performance of each of the entrepreneurs is what determines their success within the company.

In this case, it is possible to acquire income in three different ways. First, for selling ACN services to a new customer. Secondly, a percentage is obtained by the customer invoices of each independent entrepreneur. These are called residual services. And, thirdly, when independent entrepreneurs receive a percentage of the bill from customers of other independent entrepreneurs recruited by the former. The more customers you get, the more chances for growth independent entrepreneurs will have in the marketing network.

ACN business market

The experience and knowledge of ACN’s founders have allowed the company to consolidate itself as the most successful company within its niche market. This, in addition, has also given them the opportunity for unsustainable growth. At present, one of its strongest subsidiaries is US and Europe

In this territory, the national subsidiary develops among the financial sectors of greatest interest, among them, mobile telephony, Insurance Brokers, home security, and others of equal importance.

Each of these sectors, performing under the direct sales model, which not only provides greater efficiency and speed in the process of connection between the company and the customer. But, moreover, it constitutes a saving for the entrepreneur directly.

ACN reviews

As mentioned at the beginning, the recent development of the multilevel concept leads to many doubts and prejudices about it. For many it is a scam, and is that, the negative reputation that some companies have accumulated in this environment, generate a wrong perception of the issue. However, in the case of the ACN business, opinions about its trajectory, quality of Service and even performance of its independent entrepreneurs are growing and allow the consolidation of the company.


One of the aspects that has generated for ACN reviews, has been the diversity of its services, an aspect highly valued by users. This company has been characterized by the commercialization of basic services, which attracts the interest of hundreds of buyers, increasing demand.


Another favorable element, according to the opinion of the users, is the persistence of ACN’s independent entrepreneurs, which they consider fundamental. It is also combined with the availability of online access and contact with the customer.

ACN business model

Another favorable option for ACN, focus the business model. As the marketing network, allows to develop an opportunity to generate greater income by devoting only the time available for it. Contributing an economic support of interest to many people.

Betting on empathy

One of the most commented negative aspects in ACN reviews, is the fact of tilting more attention towards connectingrather than traditional advertising. And, in the midst of an environment where emotions, interaction and customer experience become increasingly relevant, traditional advertising goes to the background.

Some considerations about ACN reviews

The growth and presence of ACN in the digital environment, makes opinions about it varied. For some people, this business model adopted by the company allows great advantages, while for others it does not work. This scenario shows that multilevel marketing is a concept not suitable for everyone. Because, it not only requires adapting to the system, focusing on what needs to be done and how it works. But also devote time, performance and optimism so that it can deliver the expected results.

However, ACN’s growth path reflects the results of its work, dedication and commitment of thousands of independent entrepreneurs who are part of this company and who have transformed their lives over the years thanks to this business opportunity. Beyond investing or generating money, it’s about testing your capabilities and challenging fears that allow you to achieve success from your own performance as a seller and part of such a marketing network.


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