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The small business guide to Instagram stories: infographic


As a small business it’s vital to be able to leverage every communication asset that’s available to you and Instagram Stories can be one of the most important of these. Instagram Stories allows any brand or organization to engage directly with their community and give them a unique view into the processes that make them the company that they are.

Engagement with Instagram Stories has been huge, and as one of the major social media competitors to Facebook and Twitter, the fact that it has 250 million unique visitors daily and can report that it has increased engagement by 28 minutes per user should be a huge boon for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to make the most of their social media budget and presence.

It has been shown that up to 33% of the most popular posts on Instagram Stories are from businesses which shows a high willingness of consumers to engage with brands through the medium. With this in mind an expert knowledge, or at least a passing understanding of what makes Instagram Stories tick for so many people is essential.

Instagram Stories are 15 second posts that can be photos, videos or a mix of both that disappear after 24 hours. The briefness and informality of these clips allow organizations to take an “un-scripted” look at the background processes that are involved in their work. Of course, as part of a small business’ social media efforts, nothing needs to be completely random and it is actually a good idea to plan one’s contributions and stories throughout the day.

For example, if you are planning on posting an Instagram Story at 2 o’clock from a trade show, it would be good to have material from your pre-show prep, your morning set up and then the afternoon buzz so that your followers get a full idea of what goes into your work.

There are many useful features on Instagram Stories which allow you to better access the audience that can drive your brand forward and are specially created for businesses who believe Stories can work for them. One of these is Instagram Stories Polls, which give you the opportunity to canvas the opinions of your followers on an any serious, or not so serious, matter of opinion. This could range from the new font to be used on a web page design, to the type of meal you should have for your staff Christmas party.

Instagram Stories that have been posted by businesses have received up to a 20% interaction rate via direct message. This proves the power of direct social contact and engaging your audience with something they are interested in. Instagram Stories can be such a direct and personal interaction with one’s audience that all enterprises, especially small businesses, should be utilizing them for maximizing their product visibility and building their brand community.

That’s why Headway Capital have put together this infographic, showing small business owners how to get the most out of Instagram Stories. Gathering some of the best tips from intensive research around the world, this can show you exactly how and why Instagram Stories need to become part of your social media strategy.


The small business guide to Instagram stories: infographic

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