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Social media 101


If you haven’t already heard: social media is becoming one of the most successful and prolific types of marketing in the world. People all over the globe are glued to their phones every day scrolling through either Twitter, Facebook or taking that perfect Instagram photo. Social media isn’t just for the masses though, it can also be the perfect place to get your name out there into the world and increase your following.

To learn how to use social media, you will need to make the time to look and use social platforms for yourself. For some tips on how to get you started with the social media marketing world: read on.

Dedicate your time

The first step to being able to add social media to your company’s marketing plan is to really make that time and commit to it. Social media is something which will need to be updated at least a few times a week if not once a day, so you need to make sure that you block out the time each week to prepare content and reply to comment from readers. It can be easy to start working on social media with enthusiasm and simply giving up after a few months. Unfortunately that is what happens when you don’t make the preparations for the content each week.

Be yourself

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when you are starting out on social media is to have your own distinctive voice. Don’t feel as if you need to be saying the same thing as everyone else, because in the long run you will get lost in a sea of content. The trick to being successful on social media is to not be afraid to say what you are thinking and speak in a tone of voice which shows who you are as people. Being fun, unique and being able to have banter with your audience is an essential part of becoming a success in social media.

Listen to your followers

Rather than using your social media platform as a sales platform for your customers, you want to be making sure that your customers are engaging with your brand in a deeper way. Don’t just throw a load of promotional sales posts on your news feed, because people won’t follow you. You need to provide interesting content and spark a conversation. For example if you are in the office and you are all having a debate about which is better : a donut or a cake, create a poll on Twitter or your Instagram story and get your audience involved. It’s not all about the sales, it’s about building a relationship.

Only choose a few networks

Rather than going in going go and choosing to open an account with every single platform at once, start with 2-3 which you know will be relevant t your audience. For example, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are 3 networks which can be a great place to start for many different types of businesses, and you will be able to link your Instagram to both of the others so that when you share a photo it appears on all networks. Choose networks which work well together and it will be much easier to handle. If you are unsure what type of social network your company should open contact the team at Vivo Marketing for advice.

Have passion

Make sure above all else that you only share content which you are passionate about. If you have ever worked with content before or you know a writer or artist, you will know that it is difficult to create the best content if it is not something you are genuinely passionate about. Creating content needs to be something you love and you must refrain from just sharing for the sake of it. It is better to have less posts of a higher quality than have a newsfeed full of ill- thought content.

If you have a particular love for writing articles and sharing interesting information, it might be a good idea to start a blog alongside your business and promote social content through the articles you write. You can ask your followers for their opinions and tailor the content to their needs. If you are more of a photographer, then both Instagram and Pinterest are the perfect places to showcase your imagery and gain followers through visual media. It is all about knowing the type of company you are and the sort of content you believe will fit your aims.

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