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Why social media is crucial for business


Marketing is a big world to get on with, and there’s plenty of ins and outs for you to know if you’re trying to run a business or get a job in the marketing sector. However, one secret weapon a lot of companies like to pull out is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like all have millions of users that are active daily, a reach no platform has ever had before now!

That means there’s so much opportunity here for people to network and advertise, all leading to more and more sales and a bigger conversion rate. You want customers to click, you want them to retain that loyalty and continue through with a sale, and having a personal page to operate from that’s on their level is the best way to do this. So, if you need some more reasons as to why social media is the best and easiest platform for your business to access, look no further.

Social media comes recommended

A lot of big names and long time professionals know the power of social media, and seeing as the digital world is constantly changing, the fact that this has stuck around since the most of the larger platforms’ conceptions in the mid 2000s is very telling.

Another reason social media is usually recommended as the first port of call for anyone looking to advertise about an event, new product line, or startup business is because of its accessibility. It’s so versatile when it comes to learning what works and what doesn’t. You can be a practical and hands on learner, or you can observe from afar and really do your research. For example, you use advice such as Brad discusses his favorite online marketing tools, or you can see for yourself the reach a business page has by quickly setting one up and getting your posts circulating with a little sponsorship and sharing.

You’re more likely to be recognized

If people see you, your brand, or your ads on their feed which they check every few hours, you’re going to start getting recognized. This makes the 7 times exposure theory a lot easier to conduct, and it also means you’re reaching that person’s friends, and then their friends, and then their friends and so on, if they’re interested in what you offer.

People like to be excited, and they like to crow about what they’ve done in a day or what they’ve bought or the great deal they’ve managed to pick up on some favorite products. It’s this that can be used to your advantage. Every mention is a link back to you, and that at least garners an inkling of further interest each time.

There’s also the ability for someone to link all their social media channels together when sharing a post made by you, as with just a click of a button it can be tweeted out at the same time. If you’re using Instagram, you can choose to share a post you make there all over the place. The online world is all interconnected, and there’s no area better for you to work this angle than via social media.

It’s a lot cheaper than other methods

Opening a business page or account takes a few clicks, a password change or two, and voila! You’re up and running and ready for business. Of course you can invest a little more money into promoting your posts, which is just a form of advertisement you would conduct anywhere on the web so that’s not unusual or untypical to ask of you either.

Social media can often run itself when you put the effort into the administration of it, which only takes a few hours if you have a proper plan together. This can add up to only about 40hrs per week for you to do your social media magic, which means you won’t be working outside of your job time, unless you want to!

You don’t even have to set up a mailing list or a call centre for people to contact you, further cutting down on time and money costs. Seeing as people on social media have the ability to direct message, this is the best place to run your complaint enquiries. It’s very good PR if you can publicly address a problem and put it right then and there, which shows off your accessibility and helpful nature immediately. No testimony writing and gathering needed here!

Your search ranking will be higher

Search ranking has a lot of complexity to it, and a lot of businesses often chase after the best leads to try and shoot them right to the top. It’s easier with social media! Social media has its own ranking when it comes to search engines, and considering how relevant they always are, evening just typing the letters ‘fb’ into Google leads you to Facebook. When we take this into account, we can see running a business page through them is going to get you more recognition than having your own website, although you can easily link back this way.

So many brands use social media meaning it’s the number one place to secure a ranking, with Google taking into account the amount of similar information amongst this one platform. Use this innate ranking process to your advantage most of all, and include plenty of quality content via your page. SEO flows easily through these efforts, so you’ll still have all the keywords you’ve worked hard to cultivate and use before hand in what you generate.

Social media is often considered the be all end all, and it’s because of the exposure people have to it. If they see your brand there in a positive light, they’re likely to buy from you. But an ounce of negativity can often lead to a huge decrease in sales and a much lower conversion rate. Word gets around quickly for the constantly vigilant, and people online are the ones most guilty of this.

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