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Benefits of social media for a business brand’s connection and marketing


Social media marketing has become an essential marketing strategy to promote your business and attract new audiences. To stay in competition, businesses should engage customers with deals, offers and new products or services on social media. Every day, if you spend a few hours using social media for a business stratgically, you can get new customers and increase sales revenue. There are numerous benefits of promoting business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some other social network platforms.

In fact, social media marketing has become even more important as global business recovers from the economic impacts of the pandemic, and the strong push to have retail and services accessed from online portals. This is where social media marketing has really come into its own, paralleled by booming use of the internet. The latest data shows 4.66 billion people globally are now accessing the internet, and 316 million of those — close to 9% — are new users that have started using it within the last year.

One of the most significant benefits of using social media for a business is that  you can reach out to millions of people without spending any money. Also, paid promotion is very helpful if you want to reach a broader level audience.

Benefits of social media for a business brand’s connection and marketing

Social media marketing needs creativity as well as strategy, so the following factors will you in accomplishing your marketing goals:

1.   It helps in increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is very important when it relates to a new business or a competitive business. You need to create awareness by increasing visibility through stories, photos/videos and status posting. User engaging strategy will help users to recognise your business and create brand value. A business will just need a profile ready on a social platform to start interacting with other users as well as create new posts with photos/videos. When people will start liking and commenting on your post, you should gently follow them and share the details or link to further explanation. This way you can really interact with people and create brand awareness. Social media analysts have claimed that regular posts, stories and status have increased brand awareness triple times than putting efforts on other marketing techniques.

2.   It helps in improving brand loyalty

Business owners always want to see a growing and loyal customer base who loves their service or products. When your business is ready to fulfil customers’ requirements, you will see a loyal database of customers. Social media for a business plays an important role in building brand loyalty. You will see millions of followers, comments, shares and likes on your regular posts. Also, they get to interact with the brands they love. A survey explains that 53% of customers who follow the business or their products are likely to be loyal.  Brand loyalty can increase the customer faith and encourage others to follow your business on social media. You can offer promotional coupons and discount offers through social media to your followers, and ask for feedback to improve the brand loyalty.

3.   Increase the traffic

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these are three major platforms which can work well for social media for a business, as they allow customers to visit your site by seeing a post. The traffic will route through the search engine and it helps to get more diverse inbound traffic streams. Many times, people click on links provided on your page so you need to make sure your company or business page has your website link. Creating a sponsored post also helps in generating more traffic to the website. It is good if you create videos and embed a link in the post. Videos are more popular and watched these days on social media. You just need to increase visibility and gain more opportunities for conversion. Every blog, post, photo or video will lead customers to your website and increase the traffic.

4.   Connect with your customers

Social platforms provide so many options to visitors and allow them to explore your company profile page where you could have listed your services, contact details, and any promotional offers. Visitors are able to call and send you a message. One thing we have noticed is that many businesses do not respond to customers’ messages and inquiries. If you hire a dedicated employee who can immediately respond to inquiries, then it is good for the business and you may get more leads. People generally feel more comfortable approaching Facebook Messenger, Instagram & Twitter messages. Also, it depends upon the type of business you are doing. Businesses like clothing, apparel, electronics shop, salon, beauty spa, and some others may get retail customer leads on these social platforms and easily get connected with end customers.

5.   Gain market insight

Marketplace insight is another advantage of social media. It is the easiest way to know what customers think and need? What are they looking to buy in the market? You can monitor customer interest and ask an opinion too. Many social media platforms provide insight tools to use in social media for a business, so that you can see customer interest, keywords, number of clicks, impressions and customer demographics. You can easily measure the number of conversions from a particular post and get the idea of what is mostly liked by the customer. Which product or service is mostly required by customers and how can you improve your sales?

6.   Save cost on marketing

By default, using social media for a business is free on social platforms except sponsored posts. We have seen millions of likes, followers and commenters on popular brands. Many brands post promotional videos and product videos to attract customers. Also, you just need to pay a small amount to create sponsored posts and pay on a per click basis. You can customize your budget per day and select regions, interests, and audience type. Marketing on Facebook and Instagram give more worth than any social platform in the world.

10 rules while using social media for a business

  1. Manage all social media using one management platform.
  2. Hire a designer to create user engaging posters, banners and coupons.
  3. Schedule post(s) at the best times so that you get more likes and comments.
  4. Creative post(s) attract more and generate traffic.
  5. It’s not just posting content and media; you should communicate and respond to others
  6. Create sponsored postings to reach out to more people. Video posts are more popular these days on social media.
  7. Try to get more likes, comments and followers to enrich the brand.
  8. Add products on social media catalogue. Many platforms have an option to set up a portfolio or catalogue.
  9. Ask users to leave feedback and rate your business so that other users will get attracted.
  10. Measure performance over the time period.

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