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Social media marketing: get the basics right first


A big part of every social media marketing strategy is your content. But, what should you post, and where? This guide will tell you all you need to know:


Social media marketing 2First and foremost, you need to focus on your text-related content. This will be present on every social media account you have. For Facebook, the text will be posted in the form of status updates. On Twitter, you have tweets that are limited to 140 characters. Even Instagram involves some element of text when you’re writing a description of your posts.

The key with text content is to make it exciting and relevant. Social media is not your blog, let’s get that straight. Don’t confuse it with your blog, which is something you should run separately. Content on social media needs to be concise and to the point. No one has the energy to read super long Facebook posts or Instagram captions.

Twitter have already helped you by forcing you into a character count. To get the most out of it, you need to write things that get your point across in just a few sentences. For other places that don’t give you a limit, you need to limit yourself! Plus, make your text exciting. Your Facebook statuses should engage people from the get-go. If they lose interest within the first couple of lines, then they’ll scroll down their news feed. Keep it brief, but keep it exciting and relevant.


Text isn’t the only content you should be sharing on social media. You also need to think about visual content too. To kick things off, I’ll talk about images. We all know that images are a great way to improve engagement on social media. If your accounts only post text, you won’t get anywhere. The images you post need to be high quality and engaging. It’s no good posting grainy photos of things no one cares about. So, I’m sorry, but save those boring holiday photos for your personal accounts. Images should relate to your business and can be accompanied by text.

The best places to share images are probably Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is better for images than Facebook because of its design. It just makes viewing and liking videos so much easier than on Facebook. Instagram is the king of image posting, it’s what it’s designed for. The newsfeed is so simple, and it’s only filled with visual content. You can get the most success out of your images by using Instagram.


Videos are another fabulous example of great video content. Audiences can engage with videos in multiple ways. They offer people a chance to watch things and gain knowledge and entertainment. As a business, you have various ways of bringing video content to your audience. First, you need to think about the type of videos you want to bring out. Are they going to be informative or for entertainment purposes? This will depend on the business you run. Some will be geared towards more knowledge-based videos, while others are more fun-based.

The next question is where you’ll post the videos. Which sites are the best to use? For me, you should look at Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Naturally, YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the web. Its main focus is video content, so, it makes sense to post here and get the most views possible. But, Facebook has the most social media users, so, it’s a great place to share content. Plus, it’s easy and simple to upload videos to Facebook.

Instagram is focused on visual content, meaning it’s simple to get a video here. There’s even an view counter on every post, to track engagement.  The catch with Instagram is that you have a time limit on your videos. It’s ideal for short, snappy, content.


Last but not least, we arrive at infographics. This content is fantastic, as it involves both visual and text elements. The main purpose of one is to illustrate a point and get something across. Companies like to use them to show facts and figures about certain things. For example, If you ran a social media marketing business, you can create an infographic showing the facts on this topic.

It’s great because it can liven up any content marketing strategy. People engage with infographics more than they do with text. However, this doesn’t mean you can overload your social media accounts with them! There’s a time and place, and you better be aware of it. The best place to post infographics is, well, everywhere! They’re well-suited to all of the big social media sites.

Use this information to help you build a better and more effective marketing strategy! Content is king, and you must use it to your advantage.


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