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10 steps every woman should follow for starting a small business


In recent times women have created big waves in the world of business. From wellness centres to retail chains to restaurants, women are taking the huge leaps forward, ditching their regular 9-to-5 jobs, to start something on their own. And if you’re one of those women who wish to start a home-based business or launch a proper corporate firm, there are many ways to make your business thrive. Some of the effective tips have been mentioned below.

  1. Never let failures deter you

Treat your failure as a stepping stone, because even when you have nothing to gain from it, you’ll always have experience and a lesson. Also, you have to break away from your comfort zone to start something new. Resumes that list out the failures are perfect examples of the fact that you haven’t shied away from taking risks on your journey.

  1. Do not stop learning

Growth, innovation and success can only be achieved with proper knowledge. Every successful entrepreneur possesses this common trait; they are all avid learners. In fact, studies have suggested that an average CEO reads at least 60 books a year. If reading doesn’t quite interest you, try listening to audio books, or take online classes, or join a six months long certificate course at a local university.

  1. Showcase your expertise to get exposure

While the marketplace is dynamic, but people still cherish and respect expertise and authenticity. You can look for many outlets to share your knowledge, be it through speaking or even blogging. Guest blogging is another excellent way to gain some exposure.You need to be as forthcoming as possible, so make a list of the places where you want to be seen which can range from TV to video sharing websites (YouTube and Vimeo) and podcasts.

  1. You must ask for the things you need

When you are trying to navigate your way through a small business, you will find resources that are helpful to keep you going, which can vary from knowledge to capital. You need to decide what you need the most at different stages and don’t hesitate to ask. You will notice that help often comes from the most unlikely places. Ask people you meet face to face, ask on LinkedIn and Facebook groups and ask your network. When starting your first venture, no matter your gender, it is going to be very hard. Investing in different services such as web hosting can really help you out in the long run.

  1. Don’t surround yourself with negative people

Naysayers will be everywhere, and you’ll constantly find people who don’t understand your vision or don’t agree with your ideas. Try to avoid the company of the people that don’t inspire you to move forward,or at the very least don’t bring up work-related conversations when talking to them.

  1. Harness the power of networking

If you dream of having a large and successful business, you cannot do it all on your own. You need to subdue your fear of rejection and build a strong network like it’s part of your job. The collaboration and connections that you build will turn out to be invaluable for your business.

  1. Make big plans

It’s quite common for women to undermine their own potential and feel too inhibited to get past the “what ifs”. This is what hinders them to dream big. Hence, it is significant to look for the fundamental reason behind venturing into business and consider the legacy you build.

  1. Prepare a business plan

The primary objective of planning for a business is that it can save you the valuable resources (time and money) into starting a business. Now understand that you need not have to develop an elaborate business plan for each new business idea that comes to your mind, unless you’re clear about what you want to do.

  1. Always be confident

If you believe you can accomplish it, then you will accomplish it. Entrepreneurship seems more like a staircase at best. So it’s significant to build your confidence and have faith that the hardships and struggles are worth it.

The women who have ventured out of their jobs to present something unique to the world are ideally the ones that contribute to the success and progress of a nation and the world. Once we empower women with the appropriate techniques and knowledge, we will witness well-developed business landscape that is distinctive, persistent and brimming with endless possibilities.

Following the crucial tips above will make venturing into your new business both a smoother, less cumbersome process and also ensures the business you start persists.

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