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Strategies for travelling solo as a woman on business or holidays


Do you lack a great companion for a trip? No worries — there is no reason not to consider travelling solo as a woman, whether it is for business or a vacation, as long as you use a few smart strategies.

Traveling solo as a woman is completely normal these days and there are many reasons for this: women are more self-confident, means of transport are affordable in all areas, and travel and experience reports make it easier for you to plan yourself. Many women traveling alone are not necessarily single, but rather fulfill their professional or private dreams. All of these are factors of a modern society in a globalized world.

More and more women traveling alone because they are able to do so today thanks to their own economic independence. This financial independence certainly plays an important role. Countless others also set out travelling solo as a woman around the world to study in another country or to start a new life and of course to strive for financial independence. Women are brave in this regard because they make contacts quickly and can also maintain communication through social channels with friends and family back at home.

Go travelling solo as a woman with these strategies. 

Choose your dream destination

What can be nicer than a location that renders you into complete relaxation or allows you to do something you’ve always wanted to. If you aspire to travel alone, you might as well wish to travel peacefully. 

Prepare well in advance

So, decide on your location thoroughly and pre-plan everything, to avoid stress on the trip — while still leaving time and room to be spontaneous. What do I pack? What things do I need on the go to feel good? How do I get from A to B at the beginning, e.g. from the train station to the accommodation. Work these things out so you feel more secure right from the start.

Pack lightly

As you will have to manage it by yourself you should pack lightly. Sometimes you might have to walk without getting a transport service. Carrying lightweight luggage will help you be stress-free and you can take care of your entire luggage load effortlessly. Many countries and states also have the option of storing luggage while you explore the city. For example, if you are in New York and have to keep your luggage, you can search for ‘nyc radical storage’ and use their services. You can roam around and explore the city without carrying your luggage. Instead, store it safely and enjoy your trip.

Do not be afraid of the unknown

Life is there to have new experiences and to leave the comfort zone here and there. Most women are overjoyed after their first solo trip because they have got to know themselves better and have also found out that they can do a lot more than they would have thought themselves capable of. That alone is worth the step!

Try new things

This is the chance to try unique stuff. Go for everything that surprises you. Try wild activities and be positive. This will undoubtedly boost your confidence and you’ll not just make memories but you’ll also build yourself. 

Search for different activities and participate as much as you can. They often say “Take every chance” and we say “Never miss out on an awakening opportunity” So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and do all that we’ve suggested. 

Make new connections

The main aim and the fun part of solo trips are you never know who you find, there is always a chance to meet good and interesting people. Try interacting with the locals and make new friends. Try taking the initiative and starting a conversation, it can be valuable and could help you make a bond. This always leads to fun and thrills during the journey.  

Carry a book

If there is no one around, a book can be your best friend, a friend that won’t judge you and keep yourself occupied. It’s also handy to dive into if you think you are going to be the target of unwanted attention.

Keep in touch

Travelling alone is fun but can be a bit risky in some areas. Always keep your family and friends updated regarding where you are heading to. This will keep them carefree and you can be in relief as someone out there is aware and has an eye on you. You’re lucky as they will be praying for your wellbeing.  Also, upload pictures and share them, keep your location setting on and keep a map with you in case you run into problems on the way. 

Little things matter

Smile through the journey, be a photographer for yourself. Eat tasty and healthy, avoid going in the dark and try not to get lost. Start the tour early and enjoy the sunrise and sunsets. Learn local languages and indulge with good people. 

Going on a solo trip is no more troublesome, you can truly rejoice independently rather than with someone. It is an experience all of us must have. Certain nice travel agencies provide fun tours with a reasonable budget you can also check up with them. 

So, where are you planning this time? Well! If it is your first solo trip, look for the countries which take less travelling time from your country. For example, if you are in Dubai then you can make your first solo trip to India. You should check The Fairytale Traveler at the earliest opportunity to facilitate your plans. 

Tips for safety

1. Stay in control.
Making new friends is part of traveling alone. Even so, you should stay in control and never leave bars or clubs with someone you’ve just met. A wedding ring on the finger can also protect against unwanted attention. It can also be useful to sit near other women on buses or in public places.

2. Deter over-friendliness.
This point is a hotly debated issue among travelers and a tightrope walk: when does friendliness stop and harassment start? Every woman has a personal threshold that she decides on her own. Especially in Arab countries, where there are hardly any points of contact between the sexes in public life, an innocent conversation in the evening can mean an invitation for more. So we can’t emphasize enough that a self-confident demeanor – in connection with a few memorized phrases – is nothing to be ashamed of as a woman. You set the limits for your comfort zone!

3. Make sure you are dressed appropriately.
Different countries, different customs: In some countries, it is particularly important for women traveling alone to wear appropriate clothing. Tight-fitting clothing and short shorts should really only be worn in western countries.


Travelling solo as a woman is a great way to boost your self-confidence. You have to face new challenges and learn to approach other people. From the feeling of loneliness you can learn that you sometimes have to go through less pleasant phases. And nowhere can you learn emancipation better than in male-dominated countries, where you have to assert yourself with a wide variety of means.

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