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If you are thinking of changing your job, looking for a promotion, or looking to go into something completely different, then before you start your job search, it is a really good idea to decide what you need to do beforehand. If you are able to plan out in advance, and put in some modern job searching techniques can be a great way to help to find the position that you want. So as well as that, here are some tips to help you get started on a job search, to help you find the job that you want, and be on the career path that you want to be on.

Connect using social media

It is a really good idea to update your resume before you job search, which could be done by finding some CV templates online. But once you have done all of that, you will be ready to look at the job ads and commencing the job search. But as you update your resume, it is a good idea to keep things short and sweet; a modern resume doesn’t need to be more than two pages long. However, it may mean that you’re not able to list all things in detail. Which is why connecting on social media and being on sites like LinkedIn is a really good idea. These days, the chances are that an employer will look you up on there anyway, so you can write more in detail about achievements and responsibilities in a particular role on there, rather than your resume.

You could also use your Facebook profile to make the most of your connections, as you can let people know that you are job hunting. Sometimes, jobs, or at least interviews, can come from referrals from friends, so letting them know what you are looking for can be a good idea.

Don’t waste your time

If you have seen a job ad for a job that you would love and think is perfect for you, but you don’t necessarily have the right experience or qualifications listed, is it something that you should still pursue and apply for? This is a tough problem when job hunting, as some people would want to apply anyway, just in case. But it can be why many applicants don’t hear back from job applications, meaning that it has wasted valuable time. If you have that job in mind, then get yourself qualified first, and then you can go from there.

Think about salary

It is quite common practice for jobs to be listed without the salary, with the ad just saying something like ‘competitive’ in that section. If the salary is listed, then you need to make sure that it would be enough for you. If you applied, got the job, and then wanted more money, it will mean that you’re quickly on the job hunting again. If the salary isn’t listed, then make sure you ask at interview about it, and be prepared to ask what qualifies for what salary, if there is a salary range.

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