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Hotel management strategies to take your business to the next level


Covid-19 hit the tourism industry pretty hard, to say the least. With all the travel restrictions it is pretty hard to keep a hotel running. That does not necessarily need to be the case. People will always be eager to travel. Not only that, there is still a lot of potential in homeland tourism. This pandemic will not last forever, and now is the time to improve your hotel management to be ready for the upswing.

Your hotel needs to be ready for all these changes. The business will continue to blossom if you continue holding the line. These are not easy times but you can make a difference.

Strategies to improve your hotel management

By continuing to work hard on your hotel management and expanding your business you will succeed. With success in this economy, you will manage even better when the pandemic is over.

Make your presence better known

If you want your hotel to succeed, you need to make your presence known as part of your hotel management. These are not some ‘’ye olde times’’. You need to use all the tools at your disposal to share that your hotel is out there. The most valuable tool is the internet. There are a lot of hotel management websites that are used for booking hotel rooms. It is the most used method of booking today.

Use specialized software

In order to maintain a large network of existing booking websites, most hotel owners use a special type of software. This software automatically helps out in the booking process which otherwise would be tiresome work to do manually. These types of software have a lot of options, but some of the best channel managers usually offer pooled inventory, deep system integrations and are simple to use, and have effective reporting. All of these features help out to maximize profits.

Use social media better

Everyone uses social media. Having a social media account to market your hotel will help you reach a large range of customers. You can easily share what your hotel has to offer. Updating a social media account is much easier than changing a whole website. You can easily interact with customers and answer common questions. Sometimes running the account yourself is pretty hard so be sure to hire a social media account manager.

Revamp the place

Having your rooms booked and having some visitors is just the first step. When your customers arrive they need to be greeted by a hotel that is in its tip-top shape. You need to take care of the basics first before shooting big. A lot of hotel managers do not get that and end up having a run-down hotel that is not worth visiting. Especially because the other competitors will easily snatch the customers

Keep your rooms spotless

There is nothing worse than staying in a dirty room. The unhygienic conditions are the worst, especially during a pandemic. Make sure that your cleaning is doing its job properly. No one wants to see cockroaches and other pests crawling in their room. Wash the bed sheets regularly. It would be nice if they could smell good too.

Have hand sanitizers in the rooms and in the hallways. Dirty bathrooms are a big no. Clean them regularly. Do not forget to have clean towels at all times.

Improve the food offering

Just like the guest rooms, the kitchen also needs to be kept clean. The chefs need to tidy their kitchen and work in a clean environment. Treat the food like it is something that you would want to eat. Would you eat the food if it was prepared in dirty dishes and has hair follicles in it? The obvious answer is not.

Do not serve microwave food to your customers. Everyone can tell if something is made fresh and if it was frozen. Use the local ingredients. When people visit a new region they like to try out food that is local to that area. For example, if you are near the sea, have some seafood specials. It is not that hard, it will not blow out your budget and the customers will appreciate it greatly.

Customer service check

The hotel staff needs to be polite. Again, try asking yourself a question: would you like to be treated rudely by a hotel staff member? Make sure that your staff is made out of friendly people. Your customers are also people just like you and they wish no trouble with the staff. There will be problems sometimes. Make sure that everyone is well-tempered and can handle some awkward situations professionally.

Have some special activities and attractions

Now that all the basics are done and your customers can expect a comfortable visit, you can start looking for something that will help your hotel stand out. There are a lot of other hotels in this world and everyone wants to be special in some way to attract the most customers. Of course, you can not expect to have some wild attractions like all the five-star hotels have but you can still make it entertaining for your customers.

Having a pool is always nice. Be it indoors or outdoors it can really liven up the experience for your customers. Game rooms are also nice to have. No need to be something grand. Having some pool tables, darts, and table tennis desks is always a nice way to have some fun. The bar is always a must as it is the best way for customers to socialize.

Do not forget to style it up. May your inspiration be unique to the place where your hotel is located. Nothing generic but it does not need to be truly luxurious. Keep in touch with a designer if decorating is not your expertise.


Even though the hotel industry is taking a serious hit in this pandemic, you can still make it big with improved hotel management in your business. Always try to market your hotel to big audiences. This can easily be done using specialized software and social media. The guest rooms need to be kept clean.

The kitchen and the food are very important and need to be in top shape. Make sure that your staff is filled with friendly and patient people. Have some rooms designated for enjoyment with the help of hotel tech companies, and socialization so that your customers can have a good time at your hotel. It will all be great.

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