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Digital disruption response: Strategize or die


Successful entrepreneur Ryan Mack warns startup businesses of the need to internally strategize in preventing digital disruption. Technology is constantly evolving and the need to be on par with the changes lies with every business who wants to succeed. In addition to this, competition for an online presence is also the key why most business owners would like to have a stronghold over search engine sites.

A good marketing strategy has always provided a business owner an edge over competitions. And since the market has always had a cutthroat rivalry to get a bigger size of the market, it greatly helps to be abreast of the latest technological innovations and digital changes.

Ryan Mack is currently RM Marketing Group’s– Marketing Head and he warns starting yet promising companies of joining the online marketing revolution or be left behind. This important niche in the world economy is one vital component of keeping a business afloat in a deep sea of market profitability.

Digital disruption response: Strategize or die

Digital disruption is what happens to a small or medium-sized business who cannot cope with the changing needs of customers through technological advancements. It has a wide-reaching impact considering that the younger generation looks towards reliability with firms that have an online presence that goes hand-in-hand with mobility.

This was one of the highlight topics in the recent San Diego CIO Executive Leadership Summit which was held in La Jolla Aventine. The marketing expert and experienced marketing guru explained the need for every business owner, especially those in the pre-inception stages also need to strategize and anticipate the upcoming technological changes.

He also explained that digital disruption does not need to have a negative impact on every business but they should look at it as an added challenge to be able to survive the digitally evolving global market.

The successful entrepreneur also touched on several topics pertaining to the marketing industry issues including how giant firms are also finding it hard to adjust to the changes. It would be double the effort for budding businesses as they can be financially withheld by obligations and capital procurement. With big businesses still looking at traditional advertising as the most powerful way of reaching audiences, it does not possess the same influence like it has before.

Younger generations are getting used to the availability of the internet and mobility plays an important role for easy access to the information they need. It is one of the primary reasons why small and medium-sized businesses need to be constantly updated even with small changes happening.

San Diego is the most feasible place for a budding business to grow. Not only because it is one of the most prolific technologically advanced cities, but because living costs have not changed over the years.

Business space rentals, the prices of basic commodities, and access to transportation to and from the city district are something worth considering. Technological advancement is also strong within the city and part of the reason why Mack has always been in love in the development of the area.

He invites startup companies to open their businesses in the city as they can benefit a lot from the economic valuation. An extra budget can be used for other operational expenditures and can go a long way for a starting business.

Some other things Mack pointed out are why external factors including supply and demand, tough competition, consumer sympathy, and price efficiency play an important role for a business to thrive, being able to address internal issues including online presence paves the way to have a successful endeavor.

Being able to quickly adapt to technological changes is one big important factor every business owner should have a look at as it can spell the difference survival and failure. Every business should consider this regardless the nature of their industry and the market they cater for.

Digital disruption may be a challenge for a startup, but looking at it from a different perspective can work to make things much more rewarding. Existing technologies and upcoming ones will always have an extensive impact on any of the industries we currently have and digital disruption is one aspect of the change everyone should look out for.

To cushion the impact of the changing market needs, Mack urges budding entrepreneurs and startup businesses to make San Diego their home. The city still has lots of opportunities every business owner can get hold of. Unlike highly advanced tech cities where the market is completely saturated, small and medium businesses can benefit a lot from the San Diego environment because of the aforementioned advantages the city possess.

Mack also considers digital marketing as one of the most important factors for startup companies to make a revolution in the local San Diego market as they will have an elevated chance of success. Furthermore, San Diego is still a viable market to penetrate because the living cost is still lower compared to other well-off cities and states.

Adjacent to the Mexican border, a budding enterprise can also find a better chance of having exposure to the global market. Tourists and visitors can easily connect with them to give them exposure not just in the local market, but anywhere else as well. This works to generate more revenue vital for business growth and online marketing can lay the foundation for any startup business.

With most of the major cities around the US bursting with competent and highly successful businesses, it can be hard for a startup to penetrate, San Diego offers a good environment to begin a business venture and find important to integrate digital marketing towards its advancement.

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