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How to create a successful business from anywhere


Whether in Iceland or Korea, at the seashore or in the desert, inside a fancy restaurant or walking down a littered alleyway, it’s your definitions of the place you’re in that dictates what benefits and possibilities you can receive there. In any of those locations you could meet someone inspirational, find a valuable item, or be struck with an incredible business idea, but if you’ve already concluded what’s possible, you’ll miss the gift.

How much have you determined what your business needs and what it should look like based on your location? All the definitions you have regarding anywhere you do business keeps you from recognizing the possibilities available to you. All of the considerations you have about where, who, when, and ‘how much’ are limitations that prohibit you from being as successful as you can be.

Creating a thriving business requires constantly asking questions. Instead of relying on the definitions from a particular culture, trend, or location, asking what is available – no matter where you are or what you’re up to – gives you access to possibilities that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

Here are a few questions you can start asking to go beyond definitions and to create a life and business beyond limits:

What else is available here that I haven’t yet acknowledged?

Recognize that every environment has far more possibilities than may be readily obvious. This allows much more to contribute to you in unexpected ways. You have to be willing to ask this question without immediately going back into conclusions about an answer. Knowing what’s truly available requires asking from a place of total openness to what can show up.

If you’ve lived in a particular place or had your business for some time, there are countless reference points for how things usually work. Instead of relying on trends and experience, keep asking what else is available. What if you could ‘out-create’ everyone, including yourself, by acknowledging what no one else is choosing? Truly successful people are willing to go beyond definitions. They ask about all the possibilities that allow them to be different.

What or who else can I add to my life and business that will generate the most?

Most of the world limits their success by the definitions they have about what’s actually required. They calculate what’s needed and stick to those conclusions. When you ask what else you can add, you begin to recognize that there are infinite possibilities for how to generate more money, more ease, and more fun, beyond whatever conclusions you have.

Who or what can you add that will expand your business and your life? In order to have access to new possibilities, you have to do something different. Do you require a different bookkeeper, extra file storage, or simply a new outlook? Asking the question is like opening the windows and letting in fresh air. When you ask, new energy can flow in.

In what ways am I superior?

Being superior is not the same as claiming superiority. Superiority is based on judgment. Being superior is acknowledging the capacities you have that really allow you to shine. Most people hold back their brilliance in order to fit in or not stand out too much.

In order to excel in your life and business, you have to be willing to acknowledge where you are superior and allow that to work for you wherever you go. Anywhere you’re unwilling to be as great as you are is where you have your success under lock and key. It’s where you’re withholding the gift you truly are from the world.

What would it be like to create my business as a global citizen?

As a global citizen, you no longer restrict yourself to the definitions of a particular place. Instead, you’re open and available to receiving from everyone and everything.

Everywhere you go, others are defining what’s possible for them based on where they are and countless other conclusions. When you know this, you can choose to engage with them accordingly. Global citizenship includes being aware of what others are choosing while acknowledging what’s truly available. Creating from this place allows limitless expansion beyond definition.

When you choose to create through question, you avoid holding yourself back because of what you’ve determined is appropriate, acceptable, or available where you are. Be willing to be aware of what your choices will create.

Whether in the mountains or the jungle, a mansion or a tent, it’s your definitions that keep you from thriving. Wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, what else is truly available that you’ve never considered?

About Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas is the Founder and Creator of Joy of Business as well as the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® which operates in over 170 countries. Simone is the author of the internationally acclaimed bookJoy of Business (currently available in 13 languages) and recently released her new book Getting Out of Debt Joyfully. Sign up for her 3-part free video series, Putting the Fun Back in Business by going to Twitter handles: @simonemilasas and @joy_of_business

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