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Small business startups: launching in a post-pandemic economy


This short guide outlines how small business startups can launch successfully in an economic situation changed by the pandemic’s impact.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the world hard, and we’ve unfortunately millions of businesses fall because of it, with millions more people losing their jobs. Starting a business right now might not seem like the best idea because of this, but you shouldn’t let it stop you either! In fact, there are many industries that have thrived throughout the pandemic.

4 launch tips for small business startups

If you’ve got a business idea and you’re waiting for the right time to launch, take a look at these tips for successfully starting a small business amidst a pandemic.


While there may be restrictions in your area that prohibit you from hiring people to help run your business, that doesn’t mean small business startups have to give up! Outsourcing is a wonderful way of temporarily hiring people to complete a task.

For example, if you need help designing and building a website for your new business, you can choose to outsource rather than hiring somebody full time. Not only is it COVID-19 safe, but it will help save your business money in the long run. You can outsource freelancers for many different kinds of projects such as website design, graphic design, or even copywriting on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Flexible workspaces

Renting a business premises at the moment may not be financially plausible for small business startups, especially if lockdown restrictions are constantly changing. However, you may occasionally need a business workspace for things like training, and that’s where flexible workspaces can come in handy.

Companies like workfriendly offer flexible rental periods on spaces that you can use as and when you need them. These spaces often include meeting rooms, integrated storage space, and high speed wifi so you don’t have any downtime on your business.

Market research

Starting a business at any point is a risk, and a great way to ensure that your business idea is going to succeed is through thorough market research. A great way of doing this and spreading the word about your business at the same time is by reaching out to influencers for honest reviews.

Basically, you send them access to your product or services for free and in return, they leave a review on your website and/or a written or video piece of content on their well-established blogs. This gives you the chance to get feedback on your products or services while creating a name for yourself with influencers that people listen to.

Reaching out to influencers when you’ve launched your business is a great idea too, as it can help with important factors such as SEO, brand recognition, and initial sales of your product. You may find you have to pay some influencers depending on the size of their following, but it’s definitely an investment worth thinking about.

Marketing strategies for small business startups

Finally, you need to get the word out there about your business, so your marketing efforts need to be on point. It’s totally possible to do this yourself but for the best results, outsourcing a local marketing company is your best bet as they already know how to reach out to audiences.

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