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The surprising background of games: infographic


Traditionally, women have not been major gaming consumers outside of slot machines, lotteries, and bingo. But that is changing with the rising popularity of online gaming, according to casino industry resources. Women appear to enjoy the privacy and anonymity of playing at home from their laptops, tablets, and phones. This has had an interesting effect on the industry, as casino marketers who have traditionally used objectified images of women to sell their services have begun to view women as potential customers.

Online casinos are the latest trend in the gambling industry, which has grown and changed quite a bit over the centuries. Slot machines, which are currently a favorite among casino visitors, were introduced in the 19th century as simple coin-operated games in American casinos. The first three-reel, automatic-payout slot machine was introduced in the United States in 1898 and changed the industry forever.

Most of today’s popular casino games arrived in the U.S. with French settlers, who brought blackjack tables and roulette wheels with them. French settlers also introduced poker, which was originally known as “primero,” a Spanish game. Primero players would draw three cards to hold in their hand and wager on high and low cards. In Germany, the game was known as “pochen,” but it was the French name, “poque,” that evolved into American poker. Craps is an even older game, dating back to 12th-century England.

Want to learn more? Check out this infographic to find out more about the history of your favorite modern casino games.

The surprising background of games: infographic

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