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The survival guide to your new office


There’s an exhaustive list of things to consider before your business has even made the move to its new premises, and weighing up all of these variables can prove to be a rather tense experience. You’re at an in-between stage in the business, and everything likely feels as if it’s a bit “up in the air”. If you’re not sure how to survive the move to your new office or what your business should be immediately prioritizing once it’s based in the new premises, then here are some pieces of advice which might make the transition and the initial weeks in your new location much smoother.

Make a plan

Far before the move, you need to be making a comprehensive plan. You might already have a list of things which need to be done, of course, but a plan is about turning those bullet points into fully-fledged instructions. You need to be building a timeframe for how long each task is going to take and how the business is going to fit its day-to-day operations around the initial bump in the road.

The cleanse

As stressful and unpleasant as a big business move may be, this is an opportunity to get rid of the old clutter and adopt cleanliness habits that will avoid weighing your company down. There’s no need to keep those old monitors, broken chairs and perhaps even the outdated files which are no longer of relevance or simply pre-date the era of digital storage.

Take the new space into account

After the cleanse of all your old, unnecessary equipment, you’ll still find that you’re operating in a brand new space, and you might have to rethink storage. This is a chance to organise and structure the office more efficiently than your previous one. You can make a neater and more modern workplace which champions minimalism (possibly helping to calm your employees in the process). Using cloud storage instead of paper-based files will also save the company money and help the environment. If you are a tech-based company and planning to place dedicated developers in your office, be sure to provide the best equipment and create good lighting in the office for the best productivity.


Security is obviously a big concern for any business in a new property. It’s a foreign environment, and you want to be sure that all the data and equipment on the premises is as safe as humanly possible. For a full range of commercial locksmith services, there are companies out there which can replacement the old lock to your office’s front entrance; you’ve no idea how many suppliers or old associates of the previous office owner may have duplicate or spare keys to the building, as you don’t really know its full history.

As the owner of a business, it’s the smart move to make to refresh all the old security protocols so that only employees of your business, the current residents of the office, know all the secrets to the line of defence you have installed. Obviously, security also demands smart thinking within the premises, as your employees could be the key to precious data and details stored on the company’s servers. This is why you should also be striving to educate your employees in cautious internet usage, so as to ensure that they don’t fall for scams or attempts to steal business data.

Get the tech sorted out

In the modern day, every business relies on technology to survive. Whilst there are going to be lots of crinkles to smoothen out or glitches which need to be tweaked back to perfection, one aspect of your business which can’t slack during the transition process is the technology you use. Customers rely on immediate service, and your employees rely on their equipment. Ensure that all tech is setup correctly before anything else. Poor WiFi or faulty wiring on day one is a bad start to the new office.

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