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Surviving in the business of men


The business world is tough for many, but perhaps those who have the most difficulty succeeding are women. How do we ensure we are surviving in the business of men? The argument has been made time and time again that it is harder for women to succeed in business, and when you take a look at data you begin to see just how much of the business world is literally a man’s world.

For instance, in 2002 a mere 8.4% of women were executive managers in the world’s top 200 countries for business. And this figure hasn’t increased over time,  it actually went down to 8% by 2010. Statistics like these prove that being a woman in business is to be a woman in The Business of Men.

There are many reasons to explain why being a man in the business world is much easier than being a woman, but in my opinion we can trace it back to the hunter vs. gatherer theory.

It is a man’s nature to hunt; this can be seen in not only business but in sport as well. Men like to win. They are extremely analytical to the point. They have characteristics that are vital to success in the business world.

Business is a Man’s world, surviving in the business of men

Women in contrast love to work in a collaborative environment and build relationship first. (they like to be liked) and worry about business later; something that has the potential to hinder them in the business world if they don’t do so in a strategic manner.

Women need to realize that men are not the enemy to be successful surviving in the business of men. And that they will be most successful when you work with men rather than against them. To survive in the business world, you need to learn to not let your emotions control you. Make business your first priority.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious or competitive, and the number one rule above all else?

Don’t be intimidated by men!

Women should be aware that they shouldn’t feel they need to present themselves as tougher and unfeminine to get ahead. They can use their femininity to their advantage. Women can find the balance between using the feminine qualities that come with being a woman. Even while being firm in business and being able to stand your ground.

A woman who is able to keep her brand and not be a pushover will be respected by any man in business, and be able to reach whatever goal she sets for herself.

Ultimately, women who are hoping to get ahead in a world largely dominated by men simply need to realize that remaining true to who they are while being firm is what will help them achieve success. As long as you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone, you are sure to become the successful businesswoman you initially set out to be — and will find there are no limits.

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