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9 Things switched on people do to achieve success


Success. It means something different to everyone. Whether it is a luxury car, a home with an ocean view or a happy and health family, the pursuit of success is often hindered by one thing. You. Yes, you.

What do you mean, you ask? I am doing everything possible to achieve my goals. Yet, that little voice in the back of your head whispers ‘No, you’re not; you’re a loser, a failure, can’t do it, you’ll mess it up, you haven’t got what it takes …’ And that is what will stop you, Every. Single. Time.

So, what separates you from the Richard Bransons, Jo Burstons, Elon Musks and Marie Forleos of the world? It is these nine things. They are the 9 things that all successful people live by. The things you cannot see but are vital to achieving success.

  1. Self-awareness

Many people walk around in a daze – blaming the universe, others and themselves for what they do not have in business and life in general. We are often not consciously aware of why we do this … just that there is a problem. Often, the problem is not the problem but merely a result of our belief systems perspective of the problem. The first step and last step for ongoing success is to recognise, before there can be success, that there is something holding you back …and you need to follow steps 2 to 9 to resolve whatever it is that is holding you back.

  1. Discovery

Once you become aware of what is going on, you also become aware of your challenges, where you are falling short within your business, your relationships and your life. This is the time to explore how to make changes. This is the time to seek out mentors and coaches that can help you on your path to self-belief and success. This is the time to read more, listen more and act more. The biggest hurdle you will have in starting up a business is the belief systems that hold you back – not if you have the right software or technology or sales funnel. Take the time to discover and explore what is holding you back and then invest what is necessary to correcting it. This is the best money you will ever invest, because it is also the first things that stops you from making repetitive mistakes.

  1. Reassess

If you want to be successful, then there comes a time to challenge what you have bee told are the Truth’s of the world, and reengineer our belief systems into healthy, success bringing beliefs. So many of the belief systems we live with daily were created when we were younger – from our parents. Then we were teens and being influenced by our peers and then again as we moved into our 20s. These beliefs systems were developed unconsciously as we are shaped by those around us. By the time we hit our 40s and 50s, that midlife crises we all inevitably experience, is really our subconscious saying ‘hey, time to reassess your belief systems, buddy’ because the old ones are now out of date. We begin to realise, those belief systems that are holding us back, not longer serve us anymore.  While we may recognise it, very few do the work to reengineer them.  It’s an important step on the pathway to success, and essential to enable you to move forward.

  1. Mistakes… I’ve made a few

Somewhere, someone said failing is not an option but without failures we would not have all the amazing technologies, solutions, cures and entrepreneurial success stories that we have. Every single successful person has the core belief that failure doesn’t exist – there is no such thing in business. No matter what you do – whether it works out or not, you get a result. Even if it is telling us what not to do; it is all just data. The only true mistake is not learning from the ones you make … and making the same one over and over again. Business is trial and error. The key to success when it comes to mistakes is changing our thoughts about mistakes and failure.  You may not get the result you want the first time, or the second time or even the 50th time, but you will get data and intelligence that will allow you to tweak, adapt, and course correct. It is called Optimisation.

  1. The wheel has been invented

There is no need to reinvent it. In business, it is no longer necessary to have to do everything yourself.   Twenty to 30 years ago, it was common practice to reinvent processes and ideas. Today, successful people find someone who has already what they are trying to do, and they get them to teach them (what it took them years to learn) in a month or two.  Take building a sales funnel – it can take years to learn how to build a 7-figure funnel that converts, and nurtures leads. Of course, you can learn from scratch but there are many experts out there who have dedicated their careers to learning how to do it, and they get results. Think about the cost vs price of doing things yourself – you may have to pay thousands to get someone to do it for you, but you will save yourself years of time and frustration by getting an expert to show you how, or better still, to do it for you.

  1. Challenge the norms

Successful entrepreneurs break the rules – the rules of nature, society’s rules and that ever-restraining rule ‘the way things have always been done’. Vishen Lakhiani talks about brules – buls#$t rules – that hold people back. These are the cultural norms of society we often forget to question whether these are serving us — or limiting us. He says these “brules” are so dangerous because they are unconscious, insidious limiting beliefs that hold us back. When someone says to you ‘you can’t do that,’ your immediate response needs to be ‘why not.’ Challenging the norms is underpinned by the belief that just because things have been done the same way for years, doesn’t mean it needs to be. The people who challenge the norms are the innovators, creators and trailblazers. If we do not challenge the norms, we will continue to make the same mistakes and then we do not see the growth and ingenuity that is possible. Before you take someone’s word for it, do you own research. Find your own truth on each and every matter.

  1. Self-care

Far too often, we think success is about constantly pushing ourselves — the curse of the 21st century – the business hustle. That dance will only wear you out, drain you of energy and lead to burnout. Successful entrepreneurs do two things – they take time out to look after themselves – holidays, exercise, easting well and personal development – and they celebrate their wins. Success is not about pain and suffering. It is about the rewards and the moments you take to acknowledge how far you have come and what you have achieved. Be grateful everyday for where you are at, because it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey.

  1. Never give up

Winston Churchill said it ‘never, ever give up.’ Look what he achieved.  Nothing successful was ever built or created by giving up. Of course, things are not going to go right all the time, but the true test of commitment and purpose is of those who keep going, no matter what. Imagine if the scientists who discovered a cure for polio gave up after the 50th time their experience failed? Or the first 20 times tony Robbins was told to go a way with his style of personal development? How many people’s lives would have been worse off? If you want to be successful, know that when things do not go right, it is not the universe telling you to quit (so many uses that as cop out) but the universe asking you ‘how bad do you really want it.’  If you see things that are not going your way as an opportunity for personal growth, then nothing is a hurdle. Hurdles, problems, failures, roadblocks only happen for a short time. Once you have overcome them, you’ve reprogramed your mind and the next step is clearer. Nothing is impossible.

  1. Self-belief

All successful entrepreneurs have an unrelenting self-belief and resolute faith that they will do what they set out to do. That they can do what they want to achieve. No naysayers or little voice in their head is going to stop them. Unwavering, tenacity, unstoppable, persistence are words that resonate with them. They know that not only can they do what they need to do but they are the only ones who have a choice in the matter. It is not up to the universe as so many believe. The universe is there to deliver our desires; we create the pathway for those desires to come to fruition.  Successful people know that every thought, feeling and choice is up to them, and it literally creates their daily lives.

If you want to succeed in anything in life, and even in business, these 9 steps are essential to creating that success. Without them you are only a story of what could have been, that is quickly forgotten. Know what you want to achieve, do the work that in a few years’ time will be hailed as an over night success, and make sure you do all the work on yourself that is necessary to ensure your success stays for good.

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Andrew Hackett has more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business and relationships. As an author, teacher and leadership expert, he works with people, helping them overcome their fears to create a practical solution for their whole well-being of mind, body and spirit.

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