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  • manage small business finances financing a startup

    Manage small business finances without an accountant: 5 tactics

    For many small business entrepreneurs, “independence” sounds like freedom and flexibility. No fixed working hours, no vacation ban and no bad-tempered boss. But anyone who turns this dream into reality knows that everyday life often...

  • with cash flow guide business costs creative outlet money saving tips

    8 ways your business can save money

    We all like money and spending it. The trouble is, if we spend too much— we aren’t saving. And this can be big problem if you have a new business but don’t have a lot...

  • work on business turn your hobby into a business

    Starting a business step 7: final words of wisdom

    Following on from our overview of how to turn your hobby into a business, let’s look in more depth at the seventh step:Final words of wisdom. This just contains some final points to think about...