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    Business letter format: master the art of writing

    This short guide outlines the different business letter format and and tone to master different types of letters. Business letters are an effective way to deliver a message to potential clients, business partners, or employees....

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    You’ve got this: My co-worker hates correction

    Dr Froswa’ Booker-Drew answers your questions, putting her years of experience and practice into the goal of solving those knotty problems that beset us, and assuring us: ‘you’ve got this’. If you’d like Froswa’ to...

  • make money with Google AdSense LLC email lookup tools using pop ups Email

    Writing services: Pick the best provider with these 6 tips

    Whatever your field of work or study, content is something you’re going to need whether you realize it or not. Content is the main conveyor of information, so you’ll need to produce it for school...

  • content writing business goals

    How women in business can benefit from developing writing skills

    In today’s world, women from all over the world, from business to tech, face difficulties building their careers in a man’s world. Due to the statistics, female entrepreneurs are twice as likely to deal with...

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