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  • business communication

    Improve business communication with these tools that aid remote working

    A major part of successfully running or working in a business is finding ways to increase efficiency and office productivity. Investing in good business communication tools can greatly affect the way your team works and...

  • customer service skills custom software development improve customer experience sales ecommerce customers clients marketing

    Custom software development: the steps for small business

    There are several comprehensive steps in the small business custom software development process. Simply put, custom software development is the process of building, designing, deploying, and maintaining digital programs for a specific niche of users,...

  • machine learning robot AI automation

    The rise of AI chatbots

    Chatbots are here to stay. However, not all chatbots are alike. This blog post explains how AI chatbots are different from messaging apps, why they are so popular, and how you can add AI to...

  • 7 Networking tips for women

    Get organized: How to keep organized when you work from home

    This guide outlines several strategies to get organized while working or running a business from your home. Working from home is seen as a great way of running a modern business. Especially if your company is...

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