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  • Interactive Voice Response meaning Infographic: 13 tips for nailing your next phone interview

    Interactive Voice Response meaning, and what IVR can do for business

    This guide outlines Interactive Voice Response meaning and features, and details the benefits it can offer small, medium and large business operations. The use of an IVR offers companies many advantages for business communication that...

  • launch a business in 30 days

    Nail your job interview: insider secrets from a top recruiter

    After 18 years in recruitment and placing more than 1000 people into their next role, the number one question I receive is why am I being knocked back?  There are some common pitfalls you can...

  • Paralegal studies insurance business financial profit loss

    Dynamic questions you should always ask when hiring

    Hiring new staff can sometimes seem like stepping through a minefield. You may have a short list of the best and brightest candidates, but how do you truly know which person would make the greatest...

  • tough conversations : who your enemies are

    What to do with your hands in an interview

    Body language is a common topic: how to stand, how to sit, how to smile and how to indicate interest through subtle nodding.One topic, however, that is often merely touched upon is what to do...

  • NY jobs

    16 ways to ruin an interview

    So, you’ve got a job interview for a position that you really want and feel that you would be great in. You’ve got the skills, the experience and The CV to prove it. Now all...

  • stolen ideas emotional marketing automating business processes

    10 Tips to get rid of pre-interview nerves

    We all get nervous about something, sometime. Whether it’s making a speech, hosting a party or an up-coming interview. Interviews, particularly, can make us incredibly nervous because, unless we’re really lucky, our interviewer is someone...

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