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  • file compression

    File compression pros and cons: what you need to know

    This quick guide outlines file compression advantages and disadvantages to consider in organising and streamlining your office operations. If you are a web user, you have probably come across files in a compressed format. Most...

  • new office to increase productivity

    You’ve got this: how to deal with a messy coworker

    Dr Froswa’ Booker-Drew answers your questions, putting her years of experience and practice into the goal of solving those knotty problems that beset us, and assuring us: ‘you’ve got this’. If you’d like Froswa’ to...

  • find a business name

    How to clear out your office clutter

    Clearing out an office, whether it’s your home or business office, can seem like a monumental effort. There can be a lot of clutter, and dealing with it just seems like too much. If you...