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  • financial risk management

    Financial risk management: 9 strategies to minimise financial risk

    From large corporations to small sole-proprietorship businesses, every single one of them carries with it many kinds of risks. Risks such as consumer market transitions, legal issues and personnel safety — and most importantly, financial...

  • sexual harassment

    How to take risks with confidence

    When it comes business, and well … actually in general, women have a tendency to not take enough risks to get to where they want to be. This ultimately becomes a problem because in order...

  • having a dream

    How to train yourself to be comfortable with taking risks

    Let’s be honest here, starting your own business is a risk, a huge risk. You risk losing money, your reputation and to the extreme, friends and family because the business can (and often does) consume...

  • changing careers teaching career

    10 risks worth taking

    Taking risks can lead you to a lot of places. It can help you realize a lot of things about yourself and your career that you never could have imagined if you stay in your...

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