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Anyone looking to remain in any business field for a long time coming should remain up-to-date with how the workforces are changing. And believe me, changing is precisely what they’re doing.

If you don’t keep up with the ways in which certain trends are evolving, then you may find yourself at a serious disadvantage. This sort of article isn’t just useful for people who are just about to start college, nor just to those about to enter the workforce. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, understanding workforce changes is vital if you wish to keep at least one step ahead.


Technology has brought about many changes to the workforce, but none has been more evident than the rise of contingent workers. Contingent workers are contractors, part-timers, temp workers, and freelancers. They hop from employer to employer, or stick with one client while technically remaining their own boss. A couple of years ago, it was estimated that about 30% of the American workforce worked in this way. For a lot of people, this is boosted by the fact that telecommuting is now a big part of modern business. You can read more at If you’re interested in working from home, now may be the time to start making moves.

Millennials are about to take over

Trends in the type of careers that millennials want to get involved in are becoming more important than ever. It’s estimated that the majority of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025, though many other estimates place it a bit further into the future. Either way, the choices made by people going into education now is becoming extremely important. It’s vital that people start looking at fields that provide a mix of stable work and societal good. You can read more at

Consider your field

People often get taken by surprise by changes in the workforce because they’re not really paying attention. Sure, they pay attention to their job, but they don’t pay enough attention to the field at large. Keeping up with the field can be a great way of foolproofing your job; you can read more at A lot of employees seem to be surprised when their hours are cut or they’re replaced with other types of expert (or even machines) because they weren’t keeping up with changing trends in both their field and the particular industry in which they work.

Your position in your current company

It’s always worth knowing how valuable you are to the company you’re working for. Yes, you may know what the trends in your field are projecting for the near-future. But trends of expansion don’t always mean your job is safe, nor do contracting trends mean your job is necessarily at risk. You need to know more about your specific place in your company. Consider requesting a work evaluation. Read more about this at How much does your work affect the bottom line? How critical are your skills? Are you being given more responsibilities? These are all vital questions to ask yourself.

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