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How to take risks like a man


Don’t hold back… take risks

When it comes business, and well … actually in general, women have a tendency to not take enough risks to get to where they want to be.

This ultimately becomes a problem because in order to succeed in business and in a career, you need to take a few risks every now and then — whether they are small or big, a success or failure. Taking risks can you teach you some valuable life lessons.

Do women care too much?

The reason women often avoid risks — both inside and outside the business world — is that we are naturally risk adverse. Women are programmed to be more about safety and nurturing. We don’t want to take risks not only for ourselves, but also for our friends and family. We’re often too scared about upsetting them, burdening them or having them get caught up in the crossfire of any failure or fallout.

Lack of ability

Women also often think they don’t have the ability to take any risks. They don’t realize men are in exactly the same position as women — the only difference is that men aren’t afraid to take a risk (or call a bluff) in order to succeed.

Confidence is key

The first thing you need to do to take risks in business is admit and understand what it is you truly want, not what you think others want to hear (something women seldom do). And believe that you can achieve it, otherwise no one else will believe it.

A lack of self-confidence stands out like a siren in business, and it is contagious. So don’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

Don’t broadcast your struggle

Once you do decide to take a risk, if you find that you’re struggling, don’t broadcast this fact, especially on social media. Yes, people may show their support with a simple Facebook post but deep down you will be branded as being weak and unable to handle the business world.

Is the risk worth it?

You need to make sure the risks you’re taking are worth it when measured against your goals. Don’t fall into just taking them for risk’s sake. A good risk is one that hasn’t been done before – don’t copy people, be a pioneer. Tell as few people as necessary about what you’re doing to make it happen, until it actually does. This way if it doesn’t work out, you can minimize how many people know about it and damage control is easier to manage. Also remember is that taking risks does not mean success will come to you straight away, if at all. Often the payoff can be a long time coming.


Risk taking is a process that requires ongoing determination and dedication. Think of it as swimming in the ocean out of sight of land. All you can do is keep swimming until you step on dry land again, and even then a true pioneer will always be looking for the next adventure.

Coping with failure

What do you do if your risk doesn’t work out the way you want it to? Well, if you are going to fail, fail fast. Don’t let self-pity take over and tell no one outside your most trusted support circle about the failure until your next success. When you set out to take the risk, map out the worst of what might happen and what you will do in response. The minute something goes wrong, implement your worst case scenario and then find out where the problems arose so stop them recurring and move on quickly.

Do NOT — and I repeat, NOT — expect people to care about your failure and don’t be surprised if some secretly or even openly enjoy it.

Basically, when it comes to taking risks in business there is always the chance that something will go wrong, BUT if things do end up going the way you were hoping, the possibilities are endless.

Either way, as long as you think ahead and plan ahead, regardless of whether or not your risk taking is a success, you will be able to make whatever goal you have a reality. Go ahead, take a risk!

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