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As Women, our gift is that we ‘feel’. However it can also be our downfall when we feel too much. I am sure that you, like me, are a very passionate, fiery business woman with a strong work ethic and desire to provide amazing service and experience for your clientele. Unfortunately, I have learnt the hard way — resulting in a near nervous breakdown, complete exhaustion, constant battles with my husband — that taking the emotion out of the scenario is actually more beneficial in a lot of cases. So what should you look out for and how do you take the emotion out of it …

These are the five main areas where I learnt my lessons the hard way:

1. I want to build my business, my client base, I can help EVERYONE!!

Warning bells scream now when I hear these words.  We have all had those clients who have drained the very life out of us, who have exhausted us, frustrated us, annoyed us and do we want to keep working with these clients?? No.

Solution: I suggest you look back on the facts. Which clients have you loved working with and who have brought you in the most money? Concentrate just on them. It is absolutely okay, in fact imperative, that you state in advance exactly who you want to work with AND who you don’t, specifically.  Having no boundaries will run you ragged.

2. I’ll give a little bit extra for free, it will make clients like me more and come back

If you do not value your services/ products, neither will your clients. Realise your worth, set your prices, stick to what you provide. People will pay for the value of it. If you want to give more, create alliances and add value that way so it doesn’t come off your bottom line profit.

3. I want staff who I can mould and train

Crap! This is another way of saying I want team members who need me to do everything for them. You don’t want to attract useless workers (or another set of kids). You want workers who are empowered and confident, even better then you in ways so you can grow your business. Of course then you must nurture their gifts to gain great results.

4. I’m new in the market place, people don’t know me… so I can’t charge too high a price

AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!! This, I find, is our most difficult area as business women — worrying how others might feel or think. I’m not sure why we don’t value ourselves enough however it stops now. Write a list of all your areas of expertise, and you will soon realise how valuable you are.

5. I have to do it all

To this I say bull — learn to delegate and stop being a control freak. Best lesson ever learnt. Spend 80% of your time doing what you love and outsource the rest. This will give you growth and profit.

To sum up. It’s ok to be selfish, it’s ok to put yourself first, it’s ok to value yourself and what you do and it’s definitely ok to say NO.  Invest in yourself, holiday often, be present, love what you do, CELEBRATE SUCCESS and don’t keep raising the bar just for the sake of it.

Happy Business success to you.

About Michelle O'Hara

Michelle O'Hara is a creative business strategist. She loves helping medium sized businesses with 1 - 10 staff to reinvent the way they run their businesses so they can get their lives back. She provides creative, out of the box ideas, unique to individual businesses, that will blow your mind. If interested in progressing your business, message Michelle on 0438 765 718 for a tailored 15 minute complimentary call. She also runs her Sassy Circle interactive workshops aimed at giving women their Sassy back.

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