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Taking advantage of technology to help your business


Today, technology is pervasive and many processes that would have cost a small fortune and taken hours if not days to fulfil can now be implemented within the time it takes to click a button.

At a simple level, consider the idea of sending an important message to someone from the US to Australia.  Once upon a time, it involved writing out the letter, getting it printed, going to the post office where you would buy a stamp and an envelope – expecting to pay several dollars to send your letter that would get there around one week later.

In comparison, today, you simply type a letter in an email, press the send button and it’s there – instantly without any cost.  In fact, you can even send this from your phone!

We are living in an automated world of massive convenience, yet at the same time, we are completely bombarded with content and opportunities to the point many people suffer from the social phenomenon known as information overload.

Indeed, the digitally connected world we live in, can be harmful to living a balanced life where we have “down time”, particularly as a business owner, for so often we are living in reaction to social media notifications and emails – we are in such an alert state, all the time, that even when we are at home resting with our families we feel compelled to check our social media accounts or emails.

Now, one of the best ways to lighten your load, in this sense is to create a network of automated process, systems, and apps that automatically take care of marketing tasks such as following up on emails, facebook comments, and so on.

Today, with the increased use of artificial intelligence (take a look at this source to find out more) there are going to be an increasing number of opportunities to automate our business, to the point we might not even need to employ customer service agents – the level of AI within the customer service sector is becoming more and more impressive, to the point that today, people are having online conversations with customer service chatbots, not realising the person at the other end of the conversation isn’t actually a person.

Whilst there’s a lot of interest in AI, many business owners are still getting to grip with basic automation, so in this article we’re going to remove some of the most common ways you can take advantage of technology to help your business.

1. Email Marketing

Automation frees your time up so that you can be working ‘on’ the business at a strategic level rather than ‘in’ the business, where you are having to undertake menial tasks that could be automated.

Email marketing providers such as mailchimp allow you to automate your email process, for instance, when a customer buys a product from you, mailchimp can step in and send a customised email (i.e. it will be addressed to that person and use their order details to fill in the blanks from the template you create – such as the product they have ordered).  This means you no longer have to live in such a “reactive way” where each time you hear the ding of a notification, you jump on email, and send an email thanking them for their order.

2. Social Media Marketing

Managing your social media accounts can be extremely time consuming, particularly if you are personally responding to comments with a view to keeping the conversation alive.  Today, lots of people use a virtual assistant to manage their social media accounts – for instance, by responding to comments and asking questions within topics to keep the conversation alive, like adding wood to a campfire.

Yet, this can be an expensive option, and we’re finding more and more AI solutions for this time consuming task.  Then, when it comes to managing your social media posts, there are several free apps such as hootsuite and buffer that can automate this task – for instance, you can schedule a post to display according to the timezone of each user; afterall, you don’t want to be sending an important message to people in the US at 7pm, which would reach people in the UK at 3am.

3. Marketing Funnels

Your marketing funnel is made up of several stages within digital marketing, from the initial advert (such as something displayed on Facebook) to the lead magnet that elicits a user’s email address (i.e. get access to a free report or video series) to the drip feeding of content to encourage a purchase.

Today, you can easily create landing pages via a drag and drop landing page builder, meaning you don’t need to fiddle about with code or technological stuff; you can design everything on the screen and the technology powering the drag and drop builder will take care of all the coding/functionality.

4. Affiliate Management

On the topic of marketing funnels, one of the most powerful strategies to attract new customers is to use a network of relevant affiliates to generate leads.  This means an affiliate will promote your product, or service, and will receive a commission from each purchase that is made as a result of their referral.  Of course, this can be hard to keep track of manually, so you will need to work with a partner such as commission junction to manage the process.

5. File backup

Keeping on track of backing up your files can be a time consuming task, which is why automating your file transfer and backup process can make life a lot easier and more certain… as the last thing you want is to have an accident, where your computer, or files stored on your computer are lost or damaged.

It pays to get to grips with an automated backup tool that backs up every few minutes or every hour to the cloud.

In summary, there are many ways to take advantage of technology that can help your business – and the majority of these SaaS providers (system as a service) are very simple and intuitive to use for the majority of people.

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