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Taking care of your health at the office


There’s often a concern among women in business that we should somehow ignore our health concerns in order to be taken seriously. However, those subscribing to this kind of attitude are actually doing themselves a massive disservice.

Unfortunately, our corporate mentality in the USA doesn’t always allow for many sick days. 69% of working Americans simply do not take them, with up to 80% of workers not being paid for them if they do.

No matter what kind of health worries or concerns that you may have, it’s time to stop ignoring them. After all – it’s better to take one or two unpaid days now to take care of yourself than to get too sick to work at all.

Your mental health

It wasn’t until recently that mental health problems have started to be taken as seriously as physical ones. However, there is still a stigma in the workplace in many instances. Women are often especially reluctant to admit to dealing with things like anxiety and depression because of the way that we are sometimes belittled for our emotional problems and dismissed for them.

Unfortunately, although discrimination against workers with mental health issues is illegal, studies have found that employees’ suffering can be seen as “problematic”, and many women are afraid to speak up. However, saying something will benefit everyone. Your productivity will suffer if you are not as mentally fit as you need to be.

Your eyes

Most of us are using computers daily at work, which probably means that we’re left staring at screens far more than we should be. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be the case – but this is the modern world, which isn’t always the same! Advice available from Vision Direct suggests following the 20-20-20 rule, which involves taking regular breaks from our screen time in order for our eyes to readjust.

Matters of eye health are important. If you’re already familiar with eyec are – for example, wearing glasses or monthly or daily lenses, you’ll know how imperative it is to keep up with regular appointments. Screens can dry out even the best contact lenses, so you should consider eye drops to keep them hydrated and go for regular check-ups even if you’ve never had issues before. This is to ensure that you’re not getting headaches or straining your eyes.

Aches & pains

No matter what kind of aches and pains you’re having, it’s time to get them checked out. While most things are probably nothing, you don’t know for sure until you see a doctor. The earlier you identify a major health concern, the less time you will probably need for recovery, meaning you will probably need to take less time off work in the long run.

Some aches and pains may actually be exacerbated by your workplace itself. Our spine health is highly important, for example, and sitting incorrectly at our desks can affect it negatively. Talk to your employer about making necessary adjustments with your chair, so you can literally sit tall and feel more comfortable and confident at work.

Your insurance coverage

It’s important to be informed about the health insurance coverage plan that you currently have. If it’s included in your benefits at work, be sure to check annually that it still meets your needs. If it’s not included at work, are you truly valued in your position?

Some coverage sadly does not work in favor of women, ignoring matters of a family planning nature for example, which would allow many of us to continue to work and compete for the top roles with men. Keep in mind that some things may not be covered, and always be sure to see which doctors you are able to see on your current plan.

As a whole, your health matters. This is obvious on a personal level, but a good employer will take your health seriously as well. Happy, healthy and fairly treated workers are more likely to succeed – and then the business will, too.

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