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Tall poppy celebrity style: Miley vs Mariah


Tall poppy syndrome isn’t just reserved for cutting down the everyday business woman. It seems it is also alive and thriving in the music industry.

For those that haven’t been targeted by it, tall poppy syndrome is a culture in which people of high status are resented, attacked, cut down or criticised by others … who are largely just jealous of anybody else being regarded as better than them.We have discussed this, and the strategies to deal with it, in more detail here.

This time Miley Cyrus is choosing to be the latest spokesperson for perpetuating the culture of tall poppy.

In an interview Miley is quoted as saying (about Mariah Carey aka Mimi) “I’ve never really been a fan, because it’s so much about Mariah Carey… “That’s part of her shtick; I can see through.”

To us at The Business Woman Media, it just looks like Miley Cyrus feels threatened by Maria Carey. Why else would she feel

Who doesn't love Mariah??

Who doesn’t love Mariah??

the need to criticise her?

And seriously – we’ve seen Miley Cyrus being ‘so much about’ Miley Cyrus (twerking in underwear, anybody?) but more generously regarded it as just all part and parcel of promoting your own brand. Admittedly, we tend to do our own brand promotion with more clothes on.

But in all honesty, how can you separate brand from talent when talent is a key component of that brand? Everybody must promote themselves in order to promote their brand.

There is never really a logical reason for tall poppy behaviour except for jealousy… One of the deadliest diseases that infiltrate the world of successful women.

It’s never a good look at any age or level of success to be the woman who brings another woman down. It’s the quickest way to reduce the quality and respectability of your brand and shine the light on your victim.

mileyellenMind you Miley Cyrus just hosted an Ellen show. Hmm … again, that would make it all about Miley? Yes, hypocrisy is also very commonly associated with tall poppy.

Why must there be a need to even comment on another woman’s success (or even failures) if you are doing so well. Yourself?

Don’t be that person.

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