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How to tell if a branding agency knows what they’re talking about


A bit of research into your agency goes a long way. When you start your journey into discovering different branding agencies, you need a look (more than a cursory one) at their roster of clients. The most important think in figuring out if they really know their stuff is the success they’ve had with previous clients. Send the brands an email for a reference.

Interviewing and cross questioning reveals a lot

Many successful brands may be willing to give you answers as far as their work, processes and even pricing go. Then you have to keep crossing off agencies that do not seem worth it. Interviewing the ones that are left will tell you quite a lot about them.

You’ll be able to know how much enthusiasm they have in working with you by the people they send to their meeting with you, such as sending a junior account manager or someone senior.

Carrying out a work review

Your decision to hire an agency will be much easier when you are able to see their relevant that they’ve done for brands like you. The most important thing here is to look at the process they’ve followed and the creative thinking that they’ve utilized in specific projects.

Look at how they create campaigns to reach and engage the target audience and match it up with the kind of products you provide and if a similar strategy may work for you, too. Remember, the agency may have done its homework and came up with the branding strategy for a specific product, but if they don’t have experience with products such as yours, they might not be the right choice.

Therefore, you need to find common ideas that also resonate with your products so that they are able to deliver what you expect from them. Design and creativity can be transferred but in meetings, you need to gauge how the agency talks about working with clients in the past as it may reveal a lot about how they approach your work if you do decide to work with them.

There is no room for a know-it-all

If an agency claims that it knows everything through their actions but don’t actually listen to what you have to say, it means that they are not the right choice for you to be working with. If they have a team that listens to your requirements and allows you to make the final call, only then are they worth the consideration.

If they burst into the first meeting prepared to tell you about your business and challenges, that is not a good sign. This exhibits overconfidence and can get you into trouble as far as BrandMatters are concerned. They might have worked in your industry and have knowledge to share. That’s great, but not at the expense of not considering what you’re actually facing. Your challenges are unique and the agency needs to be an attentive listener as you tell them your challenges and give their input and insight as necessary.

When the agency talks, you should be seeing if they understand your challenges and your presented brief and if they are willing to work within a reasonable budget with clear expectations.

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