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How to tell how highly an employer values their workforce when applying


When applying for a new job you need to consider a huge number of factors: your suitability for the job, the travel time involved, the salary, the costs that will come with taking it, and many more. This huge number of concerns can feel overwhelming and it can feel easy to miss some considerations entirely.

However, one important factor which is very worth considering before you go ahead and take the job is how highly the employer will value you as an employee. Employers in different industries and situations will have different ways of showing this, but there are some signs that are always worth looking out for.

Pay attention to how employees are treated when you go in for an interview

The interview experience can be harrowing and can make you want to focus entirely on your own experience of your prospective workplace. However, when you arrive pay attention to how the senior members of staff treat junior employees. Whatever role you are looking to play in the company this can give a sense of the company culture.

Different companies can have very different cultures, and it is possible when moving from, for example, a healthy team-focused culture to a company with a different focus on more autonomous work and a freer level of discussion, to assume that the company is a worse workplace. If the work culture is notably different from what you are used to, these culture changes can be concerning.

If you find a job you like but are not sure about how the company presents itself, look to see how the employees are treated. It can be hard to judge how people are treated, but if you feel people are treated with respect this is an excellent sign. 

Employee assistance and welfare programs

With global awareness of mental health issues having increased in recent years, many companies have moved employee welfare to a more central position in their company culture. Having a system to deal with employee welfare concerns before potential issues can develop is a sign of a company which knows the value of its employees.

Systems for proactively supporting employees with any life problems which emerge can be set up in several ways. For example, programmes such as the employee assistance program from LifeWorks can offer a chance for everyone in an organisation to have easy and immediate access to support. This support includes a network of eighty thousand councillors, coaches and other professionals around the world who can provide a range of services if needed to every employee. 

A focus on employee engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic in the business world today. Only fifteen percent of employees in the average corporation around the world report being engaged, an incredibly low number. If your prospective employer has a focus on employee engagement this bodes well for suggesting that they will value their employees well.

At the end of the day it will be down to your own judgement how well you feel an employer treats their employees, and every office will be different. Keep your eyes open and follow your instincts.

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