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Temporary office space is strategically valuable for home businesses


This guide outlines why home-based businesses can benefit strategically from temporary office space.

You’ve built your home business into a true money maker. Just about everything that you need is located in the home office. There’s even virtual office addresses that you set up with a delivery address in the business district and a forwarding order to ensure the mail comes directly to your home.

Even so, there are times when it would be practical to rent office space for a day or a few days. Thanks to coworking options that are available, you can do that.

Strategies to use temporary office space

Here are some of the ways that access to this type of short-term temporary office space use can benefit you.

A place to meet with clients

Much of your interaction with clients is handled through phone calls, texts, email, and video conferencing. Even with all of these resources, there are still times when meeting face to face is a good idea. It’s easy enough to meet with local clients at their places of business, but what happens if a remote client is coming to town?

Meeting at your home office is not the best approach. In this scenario, you should consider renting temporary office space and possibly reserving some time in a conference room. That provides the ideal setting for the meeting. If it’s going to be a long one, arrange for a caterer to bring in food and beverages that the client can enjoy throughout the session.

And also with prospects

Conducting formal presentations with prospective clients is also something that will come up from time to time. When video conferencing paired with screen sharing won’t do the trick, it makes sense to check into temporary office space suites for rent that are available for short periods. This makes it easy to invite the prospect in, conduct the presentation at a pace that’s allows plenty of time for asking questions, and in general conduct business in a professional setting. This simple touch could be the one small detail that inspires enough confidence for the prospect to become a client.

Great when you’re having renovations done at home

Trying to work at home when the roof is being replaced or the kitchen is being renovated is not an easy task. That’s especially true when your business does involve hosting online meetings or using audio communications to interact with your clientele. Even if you don’t have to be in regular contact with clients, concentrating on tasks can be difficult.

The solution is to rent temporary office space for the duration of the renovation. There will be the peace and quiet that you need to get things done. Best of all, you can come home and see how much progress was made on the house while you were getting things done at the office.

Or when you need a change of scenery

As much as you love working from home, it can get a little monotonous. One of the best ways to freshen your attitude is to book temporary office space for a few days. You get to see something different outside the window, interact with other tenants in the building, and maybe even treat yourself to lunch at a local eatery. Think of it as a working vacation that leaves you refreshed and ready to return to your usual setting.

Short rental periods can be used in a number of ways. Check into what comes along with this type of coworking situation and consider how it could benefit you from time to time. By knowing who to call, you will always be in a position to make the necessary arrangements if the need arises.

Sharing as a solution for temporary office space

Office sharing is a flexible workplace solution. Instead of being tied to a property and a location with a conventional rental or even purchase agreement, this concept enables office space to be rented for a certain period of time . Depending on your individual needs, the desired number of rooms can only be booked for hours, for individual days, weeks, months or even years.

The offices are fully furnished and have a complete IT infrastructure. As a rule, you only need to connect your own work equipment such as monitors or laptops. You can also book additional services, such as staff for office management . This is usually a secretarial service that manages telephone and mail acceptance, translators, or entertainment options that you can book in addition to the shared office.

What should I consider when looking for temporary office space?

Before you decide on a specific shared temporary office space, you should carefully check the: the providers: in and the associated business center. Since the equipment is provided, you often hardly have the opportunity to change it. You should also make sure that the workspace meets your needs. The following quality features must be observed:

  • Location of the property
  • Office equipment
  • Condition of the building
  • Quality and range of service, products and staff on site
  • Connection to public transport
  • Parking facilities

So you should make sure that the points mentioned meet your requirements. It makes sense here to create a priority list :

  • What must the temporary office space definitely fulfill?
  • Which aspects are important in the shared office, but also dispensable if necessary?
  • What additional benefits are desirable but not necessary for the temporary office?


With the help of such a list, you can not only stagger your requirements for the new workspace according to importance. The priority list also ensures that only relevant search results are displayed during the research.

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