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Dream home office: The 4 key steps for you to create yours


The dream home office has become increasingly desirable as more people start working more from home. Statistics show that working from home can save you over $4,000 per year in commuting costs alone. This doesn’t account for the times you get peer pressured into going out for lunch three days in a row instead of eating something that you packed.

Do you currently work from home? What does your home office setup look like? How can you improve this area so that you can increase your overall productivity? After 2020, your role may have changed to remote or you may have started a new job that is remote or hybrid.

4 steps to create your dream home office

Keep reading to learn how to create a fantastic home office.

Figure Out How You Work Best

Do you like natural light? Are you a fan of working in the dark? Will you be reading papers and need lamps to see those documents? Figuring out how you work best is an important part of getting started when you are building out your dream home office. If you need a small desk or large desk is a decision that affects the rest of the space.

Deciding on what items will occupy the space and what purpose each of them serve is also important. This process can take time to do a self-audit of the way that you work and your preferences when it comes to your office space. If you are transitioning from a traditional office, it can be a trial and error effort to figure out. 

Decide on Equipment

What needs to be in the dream home office for your particular needs? There are the basics of a desk, chair, and maybe a calendar but the rest is up to your personal preference. Do you need good lighting for your online meetings? Do you prefer a standing desk or will you always be sitting at a traditional desk setup?

Answering these questions will help you get an idea of the equipment you need to purchase for the space. While this may sound costly, there are personal loans that you can take out for this purpose. All of the equipment that you purchase should be bought with the goal of helping you accomplish the task at hand. If having a coffee maker in your dream home office means you can spend more time working, then install one in the space. 

Strategize Handling Distractions

Noise is a big distraction that many people who work from home have to fight on a daily basis. Determining how you will handle the noise from inside your place of living, as well as outside of it is key. There are ways to noise-proof the room and cut down on the amount of noise that reaches you. Another solution would be to invest in noise-cancelling headphones but this won’t be ideal if you are on the phone for most of the day.

Playing soft classical or jazz music in the background could be a professional way to cut out the outdoor ambient sounds. Light can also be distracting. Too much sunlight can make you feel drowsy or make reading your computer more difficult with a glare. Investing in blackout shades or adjustable blinds that make the room darker in these situations is key. You can always turn on a lamp if there is too little light in the space. 

Less Can Be More

Just because you have a certain amount of space does not mean that you have to fill every inch of it. Some people like to walk around while they are on the phone and need space to do so. Choosing furniture that you will use and not putting unnecessary items into the space can aid in your productivity.

Visual aids that help you get more work done can be strategically placed throughout the space. With the idea that less can be more, this may affect the size of room that you choose for your dream home office. A smaller office may be a better fit if you don’t plan to have a lot of equipment. If you plan to move around, then a bigger office could allow for that extra room for you to be mobile. 

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more tips on how to create your dream home office, you can get started today. Enjoying your workspace can help you accomplish more from the comfort of your home. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one. 

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