The ultimate guide to improving your working environment


A great working environment comprises many factors. Businesses worldwide emphasize this to ensure that goals are met. When a positive working environment exists, the mission and vision of the company are attained each time. A great working environment is always equivalent to a higher work output that equates to happy customers and increased profits.

What makes a great working environment? 

A great working environment is made up of tangible and intangible components. It promotes team member safety, health, and growth. It also cultivates trust, cooperation, accountability, and equity through shared values, purpose, and faith. Overall, people sum it up as workplace culture.

Today, Microsoft is the top company with the best workplace culture globally. The category is measured through various factors, including compensation, leadership, work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and perks and benefits.  

Benefits of a great working environment 

A great working environment has many benefits, and many companies prioritize this today to get the most out of their employees. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Reduces team-member absences 
  • Boosts productivity, innovation, and creativity 
  • Decreases team-member turnover 
  • Increases company revenue 
  • Produces happy customers 
  • Increases team member happiness 
  • Ensures business success 

On the other hand, if you don’t value a positive working environment, your organization might breed toxicity in the workplace, and this is characterized by the following: 

  • Lack of communication 
  • Disrespectful employees 
  • Messy and disorganized workstations 
  • Fewer staff working due to absences 
  • Frequent resignations 
  • Conflict among team members 

These characteristics are what your company should aim to avoid. You wouldn’t want your workplace to be toxic, right? So, to have a great working environment, it’s best to consider the following: 

  • A Comfortable And Clean Workstations 

A clean and organized workstation reduces stress, encourages creativity, and improves focus in the workplace. Getting distracted by dirt and mess should not happen in your office, as it would be best to have your team’s full attention and focus on their tasks. Hence, hiring cleaning services like PCCS company can help you achieve this goal.   

  •  Plants And Natural Light 

A workplace decorated with plants and ample natural light streaming in can be a healthy place to work. Today, office spaces are trying to adopt the neon sign for wall decor and the biophilic design inspired by the love of living things.  A workspace with this kind of design encourages team members to move around, engage with one another and breathe in better-quality air.  

Aside from encouraging team member engagement, this approach can increase people’s cognitive performance, reduce stress, and boost productivity. Not to mention, plants and natural lighting lends a beautiful aesthetic to the workplace.  

  • Comfortable Temperature 

Working full time under frigid or sweltering conditions can be highly uncomfortable. Not to mention, it can result in sickness and absences. But finding an office temperature to please everyone can be tricky. What’s best to do is set a standard so everyone can acclimate to it and adjust to fit their body’s needs. One small study revealed that the ideal office temperature would be 22C or 71.6F. Otherwise, you can consult your team to know which temperature is more comfortable for them.

  • Improved Workflow 

A defined workflow can improve the work efficiency in your office, and your staff will be able to accomplish more. This can be done by mapping the flow in a work environment or the deployment, especially in the retail industry where items purchased count for productivity. In addition, this can make each team member feel that the workload is balanced. 

In other cases, the workflow can be improved using a software application. Especially for project-based tasks and multiple teams working on a single job, project management software can be the most optimal solution. This will allow a seamless flow of projects that meet deadlines efficiently. This makes delegation a breeze and collaboration happen even without much supervision.  

  • Great Communication Channels 

Communication is crucial and the key to unlocking success in the workplace. With the rapidly changing business landscape, communication proved to be the most instrumental tool in managing thousands of people worldwide.   

An excellent communication channel utilizing the most advanced tool today, like workplace messaging software integrated with various tools to aid project completion, can spell victory for your company. These tools have great features that allow your team to collaborate, celebrate accomplishments, and connect in this digital world.  

  • Recognize Hard Work 

Each team member’s contribution to a project’s success should be recognized and rewarded. This can boost the team’s morale and make them feel that their work is appreciated. People are the heart and soul of the business, and without them, you’ll get nowhere. Thus, keeping your staff happy through a pat on the back, small notes, or a monthly reward can significantly elevate their self-esteem and encourage them to work harder.  

  • Allow Flexibility 

The past several years taught many people that working from home is viable. It can help the environment, improve one’s health, reduce operating expenses, and reduce commuting stress for team members. Allowing flexibility by granting work-from-home options at least two of the five working days will benefit your company and your staff.  

  • Give Exciting Perks And Benefits 

Applicants choose companies with great benefits. It’s mostly the first thing they look for when searching for a potential employer. Do they have attractive compensation, a great health plan, paid leaves, and covered transportation expenses? A substantial benefits package can attract and retain star employees in the company. 

Furthermore, some companies even add tiny details to the package. For instance, unlimited coffee, a discounted gym membership, dental coverage, vision insurance, team member discounts, and daycare, to name a few.  

  • Allow Learning Opportunities To Take Place 

You don’t want your employees to feel stuck in a rut. It would be best to offer training programs so they can learn new things, especially now that technology regularly introduces many things. Allow your team members to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses, and let your human resource or learning department craft a training program so they can upskill.


Investing in a great working environment can be the best thing you can do as a business owner. Because when your employees are happy, your revenue will follow. Ensuring that the workplace is managed and cleaned by professionals, essential tools are in place, and your team members are recognized can make you achieve your goals with less effort.  


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