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Do these things on your first day of work


Your first day at work’s surely something inexplicable for some. For others, it’s just filled with a lot of stress and pressure to perform. But there’s an inner desire for your first full day at the office to be perfect. And if you’re currently thinking that, you’re absolutely right.

But without the right steps to follow, it could be tricky to achieve a perfect first day. And since I’ve got all the experience you need to make your first day stellar indeed.

All you’ve got to do is follow these steps as religiously as you can. And it’s certain that your soft skills coupled with your experience will make your career flourish;

Advice 1 – Be properly dressed

This’s the first step in nailing it on your new adventure. Your dressing tells much about you, and people will relate with you based on how you dress in most circles.

Dressing wrong normally involves switching informally-themed for formal, and vice-versa. Get the right set of clothes for a bank job and you’ll be admired from that period on.

But when you appear at the office in a pair of jeans and t-shirt on the first day, there’s a chance you won’t even keep the job! Dressing is so vital, so keep it in mind.

Advice 2 – Give a firm response, but don’t be rude

How you react to your co-workers is another very essential feature in getting a perfect first day. What you should do when asked a question is to be precise and firm. But don’t ever let the other party know your disapproval even if you’re pissed at their question.

It’ll set the tone to know more about your new place of employment, and make your time there rather easy.

Advice 3 – Associate with the right group asap

When you get to your new firm, expect two kinds of people to be present – the sincere and ridiculously insincere.

You may find a co-worker telling you, in most cases under a guise, that you’ve made a wrong decision in joining the company. But it begs the question, if the company’s not right, why’s such a person still there?!

There’re lots of obstacles on your way to the top. And all the hurdles starts from the people you associate with on your first day.

Try to link up with people who’ve got no regrets in working for your new employer. And the first day could be the right time to make a good choice.

Advice 4 – Be punctual, but don’t be too early

Being late to work on your first day is an epic no-no, but being too early has its drawbacks too! You’ll be regarded as being too desperate for a job if you show up hours early. If you make it to your new job hours early, don’t get to your desk or office immediately.

It’s better to take a few minutes off till it’s almost time for the day’s business to kick off. With such an approach, your management staff and co-workers won’t hold any resentment against you. And oh, before I forget, it’ll make you settle in better too!

Advice 5 – Be confident

Getting the right amount of confidence could be tricky, particularly on your first day at work. But with the right steps, you’ll feel more comfortable and get natural confidence.

Advice 6 – Get close to a colleague

There should be one colleague you’re close to, and it shouldn’t be a newbie! The colleague you get close to will act as a source of relevant info to you when it’s needed the most.

In most circles, information is vital, most particularly in an office setting.

Advice 7 – Be yourself, you don’t have to impress anyone

It’s no doubt you’ve got some soft skills, but your first day isn’t the right time to let them out the bag.

Keep your duties covered, and also make sure you’re not overdoing things.

Advice 8 – Show that you’re social

When there’s an opportunity to mingle, even if it’s your first time at the office, don’t hold back –socialize.

It’ll make you get accustomed to what’s going on at the office, and you’ll be more equipped going forward. Let’s see how.

Advice 9 – Show your will to serve

No manager wants to have a lazy employee around for too long. When you show laxity in getting your designated tasks done, you’ll be noticed quickly, even on your first day.

Show a clear zeal to do your stated duties and perform your job in a stellar fashion. You’ll be respected more when you begin serving on your first day.

Final word

Now with all this info, your first day’s going to be more special than you hoped, and you’ll be better off for it throughout the time at your now new firm

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Jill Wells is a business analyst specialising in research and advice on how to make the most of today’s changing business climate.

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