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Things people hate about your website


If you’re running a business, you probably have a website, right? Websites are fantastic tools for marketing your products and services and engaging with customers. Of course, that only holds true if your website is successful.

If you haven’t had the kind of interest you’d expect in your website, and if you’ve struggled to leverage sales from it, could it be that your website is putting clients off… actually losing you business rather than gaining it? If any of the following apply to your site, the answer is probably yes…

It’s slow

If there’s one thing that is universally hated by users of the internet, it’s slow loading websites. If a page doesn’t load within a few seconds, most people will simply close the window and look elsewhere. So, if you do nothing else to improve your business’ website, at least do what you can to speed it up!

It doesn’t work well on mobile devices

Every SEO company out there will tell you that if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, your website will not be favored by Google, and thus you will fall down the search engine’s ranks, making it difficult for people to find you. If they do manage to find you, your visitors will absolutely hate the fact that your website forces them to scroll sideways just to read and they won’t be happy that they can’t pinch and zoom in on small text. This could cause them to abandon your site pretty fast.

It’s difficult to navigate

When a visitor lands on your website, they want to be able to know where to click next to get the information they need or make a particular purchase. If the layout of your website makes it difficult for them to do this, they will probably give up in frustration and go to a website that has clearer copy.

It’s full of pop-ups

Most visitors won’t mind one or two pop-ups asking if they would like to join your newsletter or pointing out products you have on sale, but if they’re constantly being bombarded with things to the point that they can’t read that article or shop your products, they will more than likely leave.

It uses autoplay

If you have music or video on your website, you should never make them autoplay. A lot of people might be browsing your site on the down low at work, and the last thing they need is for your ads to start blasting out; other people might be relaxing in bed as they browse and the loud noise could make them jump out of their skin! You won’t win anyone over by using autoplay, so leave the decision whether or not to watch/listen up to the individual if you want to improve your website.

It’s filled with bad stock photos

If you’re selling stuff, you should take your own pictures because potential customers want to see your products, not a close approximation to them!

How well does your website perform? Is it making any of these mistakes? Fix them and see it take off!

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