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How thinking like an entrepreneur can work for your marriage


Marriage is one of those topics that you begin chatting about with a girlfriend and before you know it, you are either wishing you never opened that can of worms or the two of you are making a mad dash to the store for some ice cream and wine for a girls night to strategize! No matter what the situation may be on the home front, marriage always has challenging seasons for women who run the world.

Career driven women who continue to make excuses for their marriage could be susceptible to making excuses for their business as well. It’s time to start thinking like an entrepreneur and clean it up in on the home front AND business. There are three (3) myths that are exposed below so that we, entrepreneurs, who are changing the world, can go back to making our millions, building our assets, and having a family too!

Myth #1 – My husband holds me back.

Before getting my act cleaned up, I used it too. Some women I have coached used this line too. It’s the classic victim mentality and poor me attitude that repels success and leaves them with a bucketful of worms and no fish. Where there is a will, there is a way. You are in your own way of success. It’s time to step it up and take ownership.

Think like an entrepreneur:

Everything is “figureoutable” and surmountable. Whatever is jammed in the relationship, the entrepreneur will tend to it. Giving it what it needs. No need to consider why it’s there, but how to nurture, strengthen, and overcome it she uses her big ol’ noggin, business prowess, and talents to do the next best thing.

Myth #2 – My life looks brighter without him

Of course, it does if he’s not in the picture! You are going places and excited for success to be ushered in with your next promotion or big break-thru client. Success is such an intimate personal journey that it is only natural to imagine only yourself. Be careful and start imagining your spouse in the picture. Think like an entrepreneur:

The visionary leader and successful woman include as many people in the picture possible to bless. She is a giver. The entrepreneur understands her spouse’s value and is determined to help, give, support, and continue to be excited about the “players” on her team. She believes until the end and never gives up.

Myth #3 – I will be better off without him

Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Linda P. Jones America’s #1 Wealth Mentor shares from her podcast, “Be Wealthy and Smart,” three ways people lose their wealth, and divorce is one of them. Divorce costs money in lawyer fees, and assets are divided. I have seen many women bite the bullet on this one and go through so much emotional and financial turmoil, all to find that they are going through the same financial difficulty as before.

Think like an entrepreneur:

Begin thinking about redeeming the years you’ve spent investing in your life together. Entrepreneurs see the value of all they have. The hubby is a great asset, and all it takes is one entrepreneur move to start redeeming the value and capitalizing off the gifts and talents within the home. All those years of hard work ain’t for nothing. It’s time to add more value and make your marriage your next best investment (if you haven’t gone there yet!).

Choose success and it will choose you. The entrepreneur’s attitude of overcoming, believing, and making victories and profit is her best mindset. Use this learned attitude for busting those myths and breaking through to a whole new level of success in marriage and business.


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Andreea Mihalcea is a sales and marketing expert helping young entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and high achievers multiply their income with integrity. She defines success based on the impact an idea, activity, or business has in the lives of consumers, and strongly believes there is more to selling than persuasion and manipulation techniques. She is also the author of the book, Speed Selling: The Fast Track to Double Your Sales without Sacrificing Who You Are. Visit her website here:   Twitter: Facebook:

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