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Three skills you can learn quickly to boost your CV


These days, being great at your job role isn’t always enough to help you stand out when looking for a new position. Demonstrating a well-rounded approach to work, and showing you can step away from your day-to-day role and take on new tasks suggests you’ll be an even bigger asset to employers. This might lead to you being singled out to take part in exciting new assignments and projects which, in turn, could help you progress into senior positions.

However, the prospect of learning new skills can be daunting. It can take a long time to master any skill, and doing so can sometimes be expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of in-demand and highly marketable skills that you can learn quickly, and often cheaply too.

1. A new language

With so many businesses are expanding internationally, there’s never been a better time to be bilingual. In fact, one in four of Europe’s business leaders considers overseas expansion their primary priority when growing their business, and the amount of international business travel correspondingly increased by 25% between 2013 and 2018. You’ll be particularly appealing to international businesses if you can speak multiple languages, as you’ll be able to seamlessly work abroad and communicate with foreign employees and clients. What’s more, having this skill shows you have dedication and perseverance, potentially giving you an edge over the competition in job applications.

If you’re eager to learn a new language quickly, you should choose one that is relatively easy to pick up. As such, you might want to learn a language that, like English, uses the Roman alphabet, such as French, Spanish, or German. Around 28% of modern English words derive from French, making it a safe bet, as lots of the words will sound familiar. It is also a crucial business language, with France boasting the world’s sixth-largest economy, meaning French is the lingua franca for many business and trade deals. As such, it should open up plenty of doors for you.

According to language tuition company Verbal Planet, it’s possible to speak and read French at an intermediate level after just 600-750 hours of study. Compare this to Mandarin, for instance, where it takes around 2,200 hours to get to a similar level. The best way to learn French? Explore professional tutors, apps, and support your studies by immersing yourself in French culture through films, music, or books.

2. Coding

Another skill that will improve your CV is coding. Labelled the ‘language of the modern world’, coding skills are in huge demand as the number of relevant jobs are growing. There are currently 23 million coders globally, a number that will rise by a further 5 million by 2023. Yet, there is currently a huge skills shortage, and around half of UK-based digital businesses have become so dismayed by the lack of programmers that they’ve even launched their own Institute of Coding.

Being able to build websites and applications can even help you secure roles that don’t involve writing code on a day-to-day basis. From product development and marketing positions to content writing and design jobs, there are many areas where this skill can come in handy. What’s more, coding can take as little as three months to learn, and it’s estimated that jobs requiring coding skills pay over $20,000 the average salary. It’s easier than ever to learn, and it won’t cost much either, with lots of free or inexpensive courses available online.

3. Social media strategy

With over 77% of small businesses making use of social media, knowing how to harness the core platforms to a company’s advantage can make you indispensable. Many businesses now hire social media managers to help them formulate strategy, create and post content, and measure its impact. Consequently, having insight into this yourself can be massively valuable.

As with coding, there are plenty of free online courses out there that can teach you the skills needed to become a social media whizz in just a few weeks. Take What is Social? for instance, which gives students a comprehensive introduction to social media and provides the tools needed for use in the business world. Meanwhile, programs like the Social Media Monitoring Course can teach you the ins and outs of social media analytics. Each of these courses offers a certificate upon completion, giving participants a tangible qualification which can be used to impress prospective employers.

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