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10 Time management tips for woman entrepreneurs


Managing a home with a full-fledged family isn’t easy, right? Work has its own pressure and when you are a woman entrepreneur, things can become difficult. But in this 21st century, women shouldn’t limit themselves to the boundaries of their home. They can cook as well as connecting with family, and also manage their work life at the same time. In fact, they are considered to be the best managers of all times.

Time management might be a problem, but if you follow certain tips and learn to trade in both professional and personal life then things will become easier for you. This won’t require you to give up your job at all.

Balancing work and personal life

  1. Divide the daily work in your home

It’s not always fair that you will be the one to do all the chores of the home daily. Why don’t you divide the work among all the other family members of your home? This decision will not only make them more responsible for their family but will also lend you an ample amount of spare time to concentrate on your business.

The same applies when you are in your office. For example, you are thinking of expanding your business. In such a decision, seek help from any of your colleagues whom you think can give you appropriate advice as he or she too is a part of the business. The one-man task has never worked out. It’s the right time to show your teamwork.

  1. Keep your phone away when you are at home

The moment you step inside your home, put your phone away unless you have a very urgent situation to deal with. As soon as you enter your home, its family time. Your kids and family members have been waiting for you all day long. This is the right time to spend some joyous moments with your family.There are many children whose parents are working. Children at a tender age especially wait for their mothers to be back from office so that they can be helped out with their homework, share about their entire day with their mothers and have fun playing with their mothers. These special moments will make you feel good when your children grow up and they are busy with their professional life. It will be best if you request your clients not to call you up at odd hours.

  1. Keep away from social media

The world of social media is in many ways ruining today’s generation. Try to keep away from various social media platforms as soon as you are home. If you are in love with your friends, and you want to stay connected with them too, then go ahead and meet them in person, or you just call them up. Especially on Sundays, you must keep yourself indulged in your family activities and go out with your family. This will not only freshen up your mood as well as your family’s but at the same time help you concentrate on your work.

It might so happen that your old parents are waiting for you to come back after office so that you all can sit together and enjoy a family dinner. Instead, imagine you ask them to have their dinner and you get busy with your social media. This isn’t right for your family. Quality time is a must with friends and family, or else you are bound to become a workaholic.

  1. Don’t check your phone in the morning

Checking your phone in the morning hampers your entire day. This is really true, and I’ve seen it happen to people. There are many women entrepreneurs who check their emails in the morning so that their work stays at their fingertips.

Now, in the world of business, there are ups and downs that you have to put up with. The moment you check your emails in the morning, your entire schedule gets ruined within a minute.

So, the best thing would be to finish your morning chores, which includes exercise, meditation, reading newspapers, having breakfast, etc., and then once you reach your office, you can go ahead with your emails. Mental peace is very important!

  1. Figure out the best time in your entire day

Someone’s perfect time of day might be while having a sip over warm coffee, and someone else’s might be after getting home from work. As a woman entrepreneur, you have to be focused on your career. And in order to advance your career, you have to figure out what time of day you are most productive. This practice must be followed every day.

  1. Follow your routine

A routine must be worked out that details your everyday work schedule. The routine will help you decide what has to be done at every instant, and why. An office schedule and a home schedule must be developed, and you should follow your routine religiously to ensure you meet your goals.

  1. Weekly schedules must be made

The moment you start making weekly schedules every Sunday, you will find out that you have started working much more efficiently. Until and unless one has a routine, it becomes difficult for one to commit to completing work on time for the many clients you are hoping to get for your new business.

  1. Early to sleep early to rise

Getting up early in the morning is one of the best habits you can practice. The moment you start sleeping early, you will automatically wake up earlier in the morning. This will recharge your body you with passion and motivation, and you will feel ready to tackle any challenge that is thrown at you.

  1. Know your boundaries

Be a responsible person. Try to do what’s right, and avoid doing what’s wrong. If your goal is to build a successful new business, then partying every night is not going to get you there. This will damage both your family as well as your work life. Therefore, get your priorities straight.

  1. Be disciplined

Being disciplined is one of the key characteristics of successful people. Always lead a disciplined life in order to carry forward your work as well as your family life. Without it, chances are you will not get anywhere.

Remember that becoming hugely successful in business is not meant to be easy. If it was, then everyone would be successful. And since this is not the case, you need to be willing to do more than the average person to reach your goals. Fortunately, hard work still pays off in this world!

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