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Tips for awakening your potency in business


There is a multitude of recommendations surrounding us for creating successful businesses. People share what has worked for them, with action steps and guidelines that can almost appear like “rules.” Often these have nothing to do with us, our business or what is truly beneficial for us. Yet we still try to follow it, desperately hoping it will work in the way it did for the person sharing their ideas and opinions.

Another widespread idea is that if we work hard enough, put in the hours, we will be successful, almost without regard to how we are spending our time. Not only does this method lead to long hours, we end up putting aside what is valuable to us. And more often than not, we find ourselves frustrated as this approach rarely leads to the success we actually desire. I advocate something different and kinder that actually includes you, your life and what makes you feel good. Of course, your business needs your input and sometimes hard work is also required. What I am referring to is more a way of working and being in the world that takes all of you into account and acknowledges your genius in business.

The following three tips will expand more on these ideas:

1. Create space

I certainly used to be one of the people who believed that you become successful by taking action, more action, and more action still. I am now aware that this creates an imbalance and a stress in our bodies and minds that actually closes down possibilities for success.

By creating space, I mean including things in your workday other than just ticking off the next thing on your to-do list. You might take a walk and find that some inspiration comes for a different way of doing things. You might take a couple of minutes to focus on your breathing, which brings you back to you and also allows new ideas to come in.

When you are just doing, doing, doing, there is no space for anything different, so you find that you are behaving in the same old way in situations that would benefit from a new approach. The adrenaline overload also creates a contraction and a stress in the body and mind that over time may lead to depletion and ill health.

Being successful in business is about responding to new situations in ingenious ways. Being willing to be flexible and taking time in the day for you allows that to occur in an enjoyable way and allows you to go in the direction of what you would really like to achieve.

2. Be yourself

A lot of people in the business world believe they have to adopt a persona in order to be successful. What I see is quite different – when we are willing to include all of us, more possibilities open up.

Adopting a persona means that we constrict ourselves, we force ourselves to be of what we believe is required to succeed, and we separate us from who we really are. As a result, we often end up feeling tired, frustrated and empty.

When we include all of us, there is more available to create from, we function from a natural flow, doors open up to new possibilities that we could not even have imagined, and success is attained with more ease.

I suggest looking at the whole of your life and asking, ‘’what is it in me that I ignore or put aside since it is very different from what I believe is acceptable or attainable?’’ and get the awareness of it.

We have been trained since a young age to behave “appropriately” and often force ourselves to be what our family, teachers and society have told us we should be. What if what was considered wrong by authority figures when you were young is actually a strength that would allow you to create greater success in your business and more happiness in your life? What is in you that you have not acknowledged: a diva? a clown? a destroyer? How can you include these aspects of you in a way that could be a contribution to you and others and your business? Would that create more space, more joy, more ease in your life? What if by being that space, that joy and that ease, you could be the genius you truly are?

When you include all of you, you may find you take up a new hobby or class, exercise in a different way or choose an unusual type of holiday that really inspires you – and it will positively affect your business.

3. Are you functioning from relaxation or from stress?

Do you believe that you have to work hard to create the success you desire, or do you allow yourself to be at ease to receive it?

What I notice is that the space we are in when we take action influences its outcome. Being relaxed and happy as you live your life is more likely to lead to the outcomes you wish for your business.

When you function more from that relaxed space, you are much more open to receive what I call the feather light whispers of awareness. What does this mean? It’s an evolving awareness that draws you to what steps to take next, who to call, which aspect of your business to focus on today. This awareness is possible when you are relaxed and open and leads you, with ease, in the direction you desire for your business. What if being kind with yourself in a different way could awaken your potency and create the success in your business that you desire and deserve?

About Edith Paul

Edith Paul is a Life Coach, inspirational speaker and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® specialty programs, including Right Voice for You. Edith is a natural pathfinder who is inspired to teach, facilitate and uplift others on their journey to greater awareness. A committed educator and compassionate community volunteer, Edith has been teaching Mathematics and English to adults for more than a decade and has been an Al-Anon support representative in her local community. She is a native French speaker and provides workshops, classes and consultations in both English and French, for those who desire to be a contribution to people’s lives including their own life. She travels internationally, extending an invitation to the curious to trust their internal knowing.

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