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7 Tips to help career women cope with travel fatigue


We often have to travel for business these days, and that means we have to cope with the stress associated with all the different modes of transport such as road, rail, water, or air. Long journeys can be particularly exhausting and may sometimes require you to lose a whole day just to rest. You are likely to be struggling with sleep by the time you arrive at your destination, which is going to undermine your ability to negotiate business – and is especially dangerous if you are driving, or moving across different time zones.

Many writers have tried to cover the topic to identify ways of reducing fatigue as a result of traveling. Fatigue can be described as confusion, and headaches that one experiences as a result of the disruption of a person’s daily routine. As disconcerting as this can be, there are various ways in which you can avoid the fatigue that as a result of traveling and still get to enjoy your trip. But there are various ways you can relieve some of the fatigue after a long journey.

  • Drinking enough water

During a long journey, you will likely get dehydrated either because of the mode of transport’s air conditioning system drawing a significant amount of moisture from the cabin or generally because of the high temperatures gained by the method of transportation during the long journey. The body will require you to compensate for the loss in moisture by staying hydrated throughout the trip and thus help alleviate some of the fatigue.

  • Arrange for stopovers where possible

Many people will want to get from one place to the next without any stopovers along the way. However, this is not possible, especially for long journeys that would require you to spend long hours in your preferred means of transport in one position. To help the body better adjust to the travel distance is to identify several stopovers along the way that will allow the body to adapt to the distance and you will realize that you will be less fatigued at the end of the journey. This is an added benefit in that you will enjoy two or more destinations during your travels.

  • Maintain a normal diet

It is understandable that you will likely want to try out new foods along the way, however, as most of you already know the food along the way is less healthy and is more likely to add some hours to your trip when trying to identify a suitable eating spot. A sure way of maintaining the planned schedule is to pack as much healthy food as you need for the journey.

  • Give yourself enough time to relax at every stopover

A problem that often leads many travelers to suffer from fatigue is that most of them will not have enough time to prepare for a trip or rest enough in between the start and destination. Effective planning and preparation for the effects of fatigue, such as having a good night’s sleep the night before a trip will play a vital role in the mitigation of fatigue after traveling.

  • Make reservations in advance

It is advisable to plan your travels beforehand, such as making reservations to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Long distance travel is exhausting, and you will be even more fatigued if you arrive and still have to look for a place to rest. According to many researchers, having a predetermined location to relax and reconcile yourself has been tested and proved to provide a sense of relief that significantly lessens the amount of fatigue.

  • Interact with fellow passengers

Boredom is one of the most tiring aspects of a long-distance trip, especially in a public means of transport where chances are that you know only a few people to none at all. A sure way, you can stay alert is to interact with fellow passengers. At first, this will feel odd, but you will soon be eager to exchange travel stories with each other, which sometimes may seem to lessen the wait time of the entire journey.

  • Sleep in intervals

However, enjoyable the trip is, you should take some time to rest your eyes and sleep. egardless of the vast array of reasons why you are not able to sleep while traveling, you should try your best always to mitigate such challenges to ensure you have some time to rest during the journey. That way, you will arrive at your destination better rested.

You can use these tips the next time you plan to travel, you will undoubtedly find that when you arrive, you will feel less fatigued.

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