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Tips to run a successful wordpress services business


Nobody could argue against the fact that WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs out there. Having knowledge about it can be extremely beneficial, and if you really master WordPress, you could make a living doing nothing but jobs related to it.

Even if you have some doubts and are not sure because it will take time to learn, the effort is still well worth it. Why? Because it can be a completely online-based business that you can do from anywhere working remotely, and all you need for a successful business like that is some effort and tips to help you get through the toughest periods.

Finding the Niche 

Since you will likely be developing a website or be the one to supervise the development, understanding a niche is always a big plus. Think about what people would be interested in. Look at articles online for some inspiration, like the what are interest free credit cards guide on Westpac, and so on.


A business will not succeed if you do not market it. And this especially applies to everything that is on the internet. Make use of social media, Google, and everything else you can come up with. No matter how small, every little bit helps, even more so if you are in a competitive industry.


Getting some outside help is always nice, so try to look for outsourcing potential whenever you get stuck with not enough time to complete work on your own.

Learning from mistakes 

Avoiding mistakes in any job is more or less impossible. And they should not be something negative to think about, but rather a platform that helps you learn and grow as a professional.

Finding the right theme 

Even if it might seem like a trivial matter, the right theme can make or break the whole thing. People pay more attention to visuals than you might think, and the more eye-catching and responsive your user interference is, the higher your chances of having a successful finished product.

You have a plethora of theme options available, both for free and paid. Also, you could develop one yourself if you are not happy with the ones that are there.


Plugins are similar to themes. You want to make sure that the website has all the basics as well as other great features. Otherwise, your website will be lacking and not feel good enough for others to use. And if there is no traffic, well, there is very little point of keeping the website up and running in the first place.

Simplifying things 

You could end up in a situation where you have to simplify the website as much as you can so that even those with little to no experience with WordPress are able to use it.

Making WordPress client-friendly is not that difficult and you should be able to manage that with relative ease. And even if you do end up struggling with this part, just look for some information online as there are more than enough sources available on the subject.

Social media 

While this has been mentioned briefly in the marketing paragraph, it is definitely worth putting extra emphasis on social media because a lot of entrepreneurs tend to neglect certain platforms.

While the likes of Facebook and Instagram are obvious, you need to make more use of websites like Reddit and Quora. You could establish yourself there as well. And if you manage that, the benefits would be endless.

A special shoutout should go to LinkedIn – a platform for professionals. If you want to build a network of potential customers and people you would like to work with, LinkedIn is the go-to place, no questions asked.


Search engine optimization is necessary for a sustainable business, no matter what it is. Organic traffic that comes from search engines like Bing or Google is worth so much more because it is made of individuals who have a clearer intent. After all, they are using these search engines for a good reason.

Keep up with it 

As you can expect, WordPress is evolving all the time. You need to be at the top of the game. Otherwise, you are going to fall far behind, letting others catch up and eventually overtaking you.

To sum everything up, WordPress is a great platform to rely on, and if you are eager to get started on your next project, be sure to follow the tips provided above. The entire thing will make a much bigger impact if you are careful and stick to the plan.

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