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Tips for starting a wedding makeup business


There were times when people use to spend long hours in searching for the perfect wedding dress, but ignoring bridal makeup. Today, many brides are searching for their dream makeup look long before finalizing their wedding gowns. The bride looks for someone who can transform her for that one day into Cinderella — and let her appearance be totally ravishing for her Prince Charming.

How to let the client know you are a good choice

The importance of selecting a good makeup artist lies in the fact that even a bride with the most gorgeous dress can look absolutely dull and boring if her makeup is done inappropriately. Furthermore, the cost of bridal makeup is so high that any client will prefer to know that the artist they are choosing is talented. Now, as a makeup artist, this becomes a challenge for you. It becomes a daunting task to prove your worth. It is here that systems like Fabulive come to your aid.

A platform to display your talent in bridal makeup

You might be one of the best bridal makeup artist in the world, but you might not have received exposure to let others know your talent. Now, you can easily upload videos that will show your skills, making them visible to potential clients.

Ensures you try new makeup styles

If you are a makeup artist whose expertise lies in bridal makeup, then you must be aware of the fact that all brides demand different looks on their wedding, depending upon the location, the season, the theme etc. This means you need to try new and innovative things that can inspire your potential client to choose you instead of others. Fabulive makes you free from the fear of trying new things.

Help you in getting real feedback

Once you upload your videos of bridal makeup, the audience reacts to it via their comments and sharing it. This also lets them show your abilities to their friends and family to get their opinions before the wedding, or to show off after the wedding.

Starts a thread of conversation with your potential client

Posting videos on Fabulive is a great way to open communication with potential clients, and offers the chance to discuss what they are looking for and what you can offer them. This makes it easier for you to start a conversation with the audience and convince them that you have expertise in bridal makeup. This way it will help you turn your viewer into a potential customer.

Motivates you to update your styles

As a beauty technician, you must be aware that if your makeup style becomes stagnant then you can experience a downturn in your career. This is also true for bridal makeup. You need to look for developments in your style of makeup. This will enhance your market value as a makeup artist. Fabulive understands this and that is why here you get an opportunity bring changes to your style accordingly.

Inspires you to influence and get influenced by others

Fabulive is a platform that brings under one roof different makeup experts. They display their work and can see what is trending in the world of makeup. This way you get a chance to see others’ work and become inspired to try new things. You can also bring improvements in your style by getting influenced by others. This means Fabulive is a beauty platform that allows you not only to flaunt your own makeup expertise but also learn from others way of applying makeup on a bride. This way Fabulive makes you a teacher as well as a student, thereby saving you from becoming foolishly arrogant.


If you are a makeup artist with an expertise in bridal makeup then you must choose Fabulive. This is a Live Streaming Digital Beauty Platform that offers you multiple opportunities to prove your expertise as a makeup artist. You can easily connect with your target audience and convert them into your potential client. Here you can get inspired by the works of other beauty experts and can make sure whether you are fit to compete with other makeup experts online or not.

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