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Top healthcare jobs in 2017


Trying to choose the right career path can be hard work. Ideally, you want a career that’s fairly easy to get into, can help you progress as a person, and reward you in multiple ways.

Bearing that in mind, choosing a job in the healthcare industry is a wonderful idea. Why? Because there are loads of different jobs to choose from, more so than most other industries. In this piece, we’re going to showcase that by providing you with three of the top healthcare jobs you can find:

Nursing assistants

While becoming a registered nurse is a good idea for a healthcare career, being a nursing assistant is perhaps even better. Nurses do get paid extremely well, but there’s an educational price to pay for their wage. Studying a nursing degree can take a long time and be incredibly tough. It’s also a tough course to get into as the requirements are usually quite high. However, a nursing assistant doesn’t need formal educational qualifications like a degree at all. It’s very much a job you can get into with a passion for healthcare and a clear display of caring qualities.

A nursing assistant is someone that assists licensed nurses with their daily activities. You could help them by passing them equipment or organizing things for them. In some cases, you will be asked to do tasks that the nurse doesn’t have time for. It’s a role you tend to see in nursing homes and other similar institutions around the country. As a consequence, there are currently well over a million of these jobs on the market right now. There’s a huge demand for it, you don’t need any qualifications, and they pay is reasonably good too. Plus, you can always do a nursing degree to move up the payscale after a few years. In fact, there are some cases where your employers may support you while doing that degree to help you pass while continuing to work as a nursing assistant.

Healthcare administrator

No matter what industry you’re working in you will always find admin jobs of some sort. The difference is, healthcare administration jobs are far more rewarding than most – both financially and in the skills you learn. The beauty of this career option is that there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to explore. Remember, the healthcare industry is very vast and very broad. It covers everything from general practices to opticians and even a bit of dentistry too. As such, there are so many organizations that need administrative assistants.

Also, there are plenty of different roles within healthcare administration that make it such a worthwhile career option. There are entry level admin jobs that are fairly basic and don’t require you to have many qualifications, you just need experience and competence. Then, there are higher up positions like management roles where you need a degree. But, the great thing is, you can get an online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration, meaning the door is always open for you to gain qualifications and make your way up. So, this career is easy to get into as there are loads of roles available, and provides the potential for growth – two things you want in a career!

Home health aide

When many people think of healthcare careers, they tend to envision themselves working in some form of institution. However, a home health aide is someone that goes door to door helping different patients. With this job, you’ll be assisting people in their homes that need extra help during the day. This could be an elderly person that needs help getting out of bed or someone with a physical ailment that needs assistance with daily tasks around the house. It’s a job that can take you to so many different homes where you meet lots of different characters. Naturally, you will be registered to an institution, but you won’t actually be working in wards, etc. There are two different roles you’ll probably get, either you visit multiple homes every day, or you get assigned to one particular patient.

Again, there are two main reasons you should consider this job as your new career; demand and qualifications. The demand for these jobs is huge as there are so many people living at home that require some extra aide every day. Healthcare institutions will be queuing up to welcome new home health aides on board. As for qualifications, well, you don’t need any proper formal or medical qualifications at all. You just need to show that you’re passionate about looking after others.

These jobs may not be the highest-paid ones, but there are very popular. You’ll notice you don’t need qualifications to get started in any of them, and they’re all in high demand. This makes them excellent career prospects for any job seeker.

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